What is the Difference Between Balms, Moisturisers & Lotions

What is the Difference Between Balms, Moisturisers & Lotions

What is the Difference Between Balms, Moisturisers & Lotions

Treatment balms, Nourishing hand creams, hydrating body lotions, intensive moisturisers……… Companies come up with so many creative names to market their product range. Confused? For the consumer, you can become baffled deciding which is the right product to purchase.

To make things a bit clearer, balms, moisturisers and lotions all have one common goal, to hydrate, treat and repair your dry skin. Some may have anti-aging effects, others may include skin regenerating ingredients, but in general they work to protect your skin making it more supple and smooth.

So what’s the difference between all these variations?


In general, the difference between a balm, moisturiser and lotion is its consistency and thickness.

A balm is normally free from water content and formulated with oil or beeswax as its base. It is suitable for extremely dry areas such as the hands, joint areas or the heels, Normally balms are not designed for facial use because they are much denser and intensive, and can cause breakouts in the skin.

A Moisturiser or cream is lighter in consistency and contains a mixture of water and oil in its base. Most moisturisers and creams are formulated for the face with additional anti-aging and treatment ingredients added to achieve a desired skin outcome. There are so many variations of moisturisers to choose from. Ones that are lighter in texture is ideal for everyday moisturising. Those with a heavier consistency is suitable for night use

A lotion has the lightest consistency of the three, with high water base and low oil content. Designed mainly for body use, you’ll find there is large selection of body lotions available in the market. You’ll also find alot of day lotions formulated for the face or people suffering with acne due to its lightness.

Now any good balm, moisturiser or lotion should provide your skin with with sufficient nourishment & protection. There are so many brands and products to choose from in the beauty market, be sure to take your time in selecting the right product for your skin. The goal when looking, is finding the products that are suitable and compatible with your skin type. For those of you that have oily skin, go with a light weight lotion. If you have dry mature skin, choose a moisturiser with a thicker consisitency. Night creams will generally be thicker than a day cream.

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