Vegan or Animal Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes = Good Karma

Vegan or Animal Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes = Good Karma

Vegan or Animal Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes = Good Karma

Makeup brushes that are non-vegan most probably come from the fur/hair of a squirrel, sable, goat, badger, rabbit or pony. Further more, if the manufacturer doesn’t state clearly that the brushes are “ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE”, then most likely the animal used is caged in horrendous conditions, then tortured and killed in the process.


The fact is that we are now living in an age where we are offered with such an enormous choice of high quality synthetic makeup brushes as a replacement for the old animal processed ones. In my opinion, synthetic brushes are just as good. Advances in technology means that synthetic brushes made from taklon can now achieve the finesse and softness as animal haired brushes. What’s more is that synthetic brushes are easier to clean and longer lasting as I have found it to excellent for applying mineral makeup for a flawless finish. “The reason animal fur has been found to be so effective is because of it’s natural structure. It has little ridges on it that grab the powder and hold it in the brush for easy application. New vegan brushes made with Taklon are made with microscopic pock marks that duplicate natural hair. Giving it the ability to mimic the smooth application of animal fur.”

Beware that some manufacturers will claim that their brushes are animal cruelty free or vegan when it fact all they are doing is making misleading claims. Unless you are purchasing from a reliable brand that you trust, in some instances, the company will;

1. combine synthetic brushes with animal haired brushes and claim their brushes are synthetic (Choose 100% synthetic makeup brushes)

2. use animal fur from a foreign manufacturer where the parent cosmetic company has limited control over the torture of animals. (buy brushes from trusted companies that are 100% animal cruelty free)

3. use poor quality synthetic fibres. Remember there many different grades of synthetic hairs and taklon fibres. Some unreliable companies will use very corse synthetic fibres that does no justice at all for your skin when you’re applying makeup. (A good makeup brush will make a world of difference in order to achieve a flawless result. There are many top quality synthetic vegan brushes to choose from. Inika Kabuki brush is my number 1 pick for applying loose powder).

We are becoming increasingly aware of animal testing methods used by unethical companies for skin care and cosmetics. It is now just as important to get the message out that animal cruelty practices is also common in the manufacturing process of animal haired makeup brushes.

Lets Love God’s creatures great or SMALL. Lets stop animal cruelty once and for ALL.


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    Love your post!! Finally someone got it right!!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? 🙂

  4. Body detoxification diets

    i became a Vegan three years ago and i can say that my health have been very very good. meat and dairy substitutes like soy also works well for the body.

  5. Jasmine Turner

    I am also a vegetarian and my body has never been in a very good shape. Being a vegan can really make you much heathier.~`”

  6. mineral make up

    I’m glad,at least somebody has taken initiative on animal cruelty, as I love animals, I get ashamed of humanity when I see beauty products derived from animals skin.


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