Top 3 Complaints During Pregnancy

Top 3 Complaints During Pregnancy

Top 3 Complaints During Pregnancy

A women experiences many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

Of these changes, the 3 most common issues pregnant women face are

– Skin Changes
– Lack of Energy &
– Breast Tenderness

Lets look at some natural solutions to address these issues and make the pregnancy road less bumpy.


Skin Changes
From the time that you know you are pregnant, your skin starts to change, especially the face and places on the body that are quickly growing , such as belly and breasts.

Stretch marks, sensitive skin, pigment changes and an itchy tummy are some of the common problems pregnant women have to deal with. Eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidant nutrients may assist in the formation of collagen, helping to make your skin more elastic so it can stretch better and bounce back quicker after the birth.

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil can be regularly massaged into stomach, breasts, thighs and hips to smooth and nourish the skin, enhancing skin tone and helping avoid the development of stretch marks in these areas. It’s best to use the oil as soon as your body shape starts to change.

The Weleda Pregnancy range is free from synthetic colours, perfumes and preservatives such as parabens.

During pregnancy, your skin can become hypersensitive to environmental influences as well as hormonal fluctuations, Hypoallergenic Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Care helps oothe and calm sensitive facial skin during pregnancy allowing the skin to restore balance naturally.

Lack of Energy
Many women report fatigue as one of the most trying symptoms of pregnancy. While lack of sleep in the evenings can contribute to fatigue, hormonal changes also play a role. There are numerous ways to help overcome fatigue including going to bed early, taking a catnap during the day, eating smaller healthy meals more frequently, exercising, and taking health supplements.

Breast Tenderness
Breast sensitivity or tenderness during pregnancy is a very common occurrence particularly in early pregnancy. Generally this sensitivity begins between the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy and disppears in the second and third trimesters.

Because your breasts are preparing to feed your baby, they need to grow and develop; it is this coupled with increased levels of hormones that cause them to be tender and sore.

Wearing properly fitted maternity bras can help,as can a warm bath to help relieve the swelling. Applying Weleda Pregnancy Oil to the breasts is also beneficial to help prevent stretch marks.

Also, don’t forget the nipple area for breastfeeding. Weleda Nipple Care Cream is a light yet rich moisturiser designed for use during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. The nourishing cream helps to tone nipples in preparation for breastfeeding, and conditions, protects and soothes nipples should they become cracked during breastfeeding.

It does not have to be removed before breastfeeding as it is all natural. Calendula and chamomile calm, soothe and support the healthy renewal of tender, cracked skin and rose oil provides a delicate fragrance.

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