The Therapeutic Effects of Bath Salts

The Therapeutic Effects of Bath Salts

The Therapeutic Effects of Bath Salts

Bath Salts

A long hard day at work can be quite draining and stressful to your body. Coming home, you want to unwind and release all that tension. A steaming hot bath is just the answer to what you need. Add to it your favorite scented bath salts and you’ll be relaxing in paradise.

The use of bath salts provides exceptional therapeutic effects to your body, your mind and your skin.


For your skin, it restores the natural acidic level keeping the skin mantle in a balanced state. The hot bath helps opens up your skin pores and the bath salts work to detoxify and soften skin from deep within. They aid in the healing of dry skin, making skin softer and more supple. Salts can help improve common irritations such as insect bites, minor rashes, and calluses on feet, as well as more serious skin conditions like athlete’s foot, eczema, and psoriasis.

Tip: Hop into the bath and rub the bath salts over your body bit by bit and allow the salt to dissolve with the water (instead of pouring the salt into the bath before hoping in). This gives an exfoliating affect to your skin. Be sure to rinse in shower after bath…. BUT DON’T USE SOAP.

For your body, the hot salted bath improves blood circulation bringing nutrients to vital body parts. The mineral packed bath salts gets dissolved in the bath water and gets absorbed into the body. Bath salts are also used for its healing effects. They are recommended for people with back pain, arthritis, muscle tension or spasms, and minor work and sports injuries. They’re great for easing stiff, sore, muscles and aching feet and legs.

For your mind, the wonderful soothing scent of the bath salts creates a very calm and serene environment for you to relax in. Unwind in a blissful hot bath and allow the tensions of the day to disappear. The aromatherapy effects are truly magical.

To enhance the bath experience, you can light a candle and play some relaxing music in the background. Ideally you should spend around 25 minutes in the water and should not spend more than 35 minutes.

There are many varieties of bath salts you can choose from ranging from scents, colours, texture and purity. For a great natural organic bath salt, try ‘Bod Organic bath salts’ which comes in 3 distinct flavours.


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