Step By Step Dr Hauschka Skin Care Compression Guide

Step By Step Dr Hauschka Skin Care Compression Guide

Step By Step Dr Hauschka Skin Care Compression Guide

The Dr Hauschka compression technique is something to behold.

Here is a great explanation by Jen with step by step instructions for using the compression method. Visit her website for the full article.

Strive for beautiful skin, the holistic way……….Here is a quick exert

Daily: (a.m)
Step one: Compressing
I boil water in a kettle and pour it over my prepared facial bowl. The bowl is a basic stainless steel bowl that can be found at any Target or bed and bath type store. It is commonly used in the kitchen. (how appropriate!)

To the bowl I have added two pumps of lavender bath or one pump of lavender bath and one and a half pumps of lemon bath. I use lemon bath if I am feeling groggy or unfocused or if my skin is feeling particularly oily. I then place my compress into the bowl.

The water that is now in my bowl is clearly too hot to use. If I want to compress immediately then I add cool water until it is the right temperature. It should be very warm, but comfortable on the skin. If I don’t want to compress right away then I do other things until the water cools and possibly add more warm water from the kettle.

Compressing is very important. It is the most relaxing part of the regimen and prepares the skin for the deep-pore cleansing benefits of the cleansing cream. It reminds me of watering dry, cracked earth. At first, the water just rolls off of the top of the soil because it is too dry to absorb moisture. But after a minute of being exposed to water it is softened enough to soak in and retain moisture. Sometimes when I first apply the compress my skin feels unreceptive to the moisture, then after a minute I can feel my skin softening.

At Dr Hauschka they say that after one compress your skin is ready to cleanse but I enjoy it so much that I compress 4-6 times. I feel this really helps soften blackheads.

Step two: Cleansing:
There are technically two cleansers in the line, the creamy cleansing milk and the granular cleansing cream. They are for two specific purposes and not really meant to be interchangeable. The smooth cleansing milk is meant to remove makeup, the cleansing cream is to be used solely if you do not wear makeup and in the a.m if you do.

The cleansing cream is not a scrub. It does feel “scrubby” but isn’t meant to be rubbed into the skin. You squeeze about 1/4″ of the product into your palm, adding drops of lavender water until a loose paste has formed. You then apply you whole hands to your face, one on each side, wrists pointing down. With cupped hands, gently “press and roll”:

“Our unique “press and roll” cleansing method goes beyond the surface to stimulate the lymph and awaken your skin. First, dampen your face with warm water and mix 1/2″ Cleansing Cream with a few drops of water in your hand. Relax your hands to gently cup the face. Beginning at the forehead, press the product in using your fingers and the tops of your palms, rolling outward from the center and lifting as you roll. The mild suction created helps remove dead cells, dirt and oil. Work downward and outward with this press and roll motion for one to three minutes, then rinse with warm water and finish with a cool splash.” (from

I am quite stingy with my cleansing cream so I only use about 1/4″ of product, and that seems to be just as effective. After massaging the cleansing cream into the skin, remove using the lavender-soaked compress. I usually use one side, remove the product starting at the forehead and firmly swiping down the face, then across towards the ears then turn over and use the other side to do the same. This will remove most of the product. I then set the compress on the sink (not back in the bowl) and splash my face about three times with the lavender water to remove any lingering cleansing cream. I then splash my face about three times with cool water to activate the erector pili muscle, squeezing any excess oil from the follicles to the surface of the skin. I then use a recycled paper towel to pat my skin dry (just so it’s not dripping wet) then wipe off my sink. I rinse my bowl and my compress with the cool water. The compress is a very smooth, soft organic cotton and the cleansing cream rinses right off. Since the compress is white, you can see if there is any lingering behind. I then wring all excess water out of the compress and hang it to dry on a peg next to my sink. It dries really quickly and is ready to be used again for my p.m regimen.

Step three: Tone, moisturize, and protect

Visit Jen’s website for the full article. It’s a must read

Click here to find Dr Hauschka Compression Towel

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