Secrets to Having Natural Glowing Radiant Skin

Secrets to Having Natural Glowing Radiant Skin

Secrets to Having Natural Glowing Radiant Skin

“You’re looking radiant!!!”. These were the first words that came out of my mouth when I met with one of my best friends which I have not seen for more than one year. This women was definitely not the same lifeless person I knew. Her confidence was high, she looked young, she was vibrant with full of energy, and her skin was just glowing.”What is your secret?”…..I asked eagerly.


“No secret” she replied. “It is your attitude and your approach to life. Feeling good and looking good is interrelated and you need to get the balance right! You need to feel good to look good, and you need to look good to feel good.
Start by getting your energy level on the right track by developing a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Then care for your body and let your body heal by going green and using natural skin products, so that you are not putting more burden on your already stressed out body and clouding it with more toxins. Be at peace with yourself and learn to think and act positively towards life so you can live it with passion and enthusiasm. Overflow yourself with love so that you can share it with the world.”

Radiant skin and good health starts in your thoughts. Happiness is paramount to feeling good and looking good. Your body deals with enough stress already through the griding working day. Don’t cloud it with anymore toxic rubbish and go organic and green to let your body heal and revitalize. With good makeup skills, ‘YES’ you can cover the dullness that’s underneath. But it is most satisfying when you get a compliment for being beautiful when all you have on is a lip gloss and some eye shadow.

One year after going back to my original organic roots, I consider myself looking RADIANT and naturally glowing. Switching my life to eating healthy organic food and using natural organic skin care products is one of the most responsible decisions I’ve ever made. Yes, I look great, I receive plenty of compliments and I’m glowing from the inside out. But most importantly, my new found positive attitude towards life has given me unlimited energy and a sense of confidence and swagger to tackle life’s challenges in a meaningful and constructive way.

Beauty is skin deep, find out how you can looking radiant from inside out: Here are 3 great books that will help guide you to achieving great inner health and beauty.

Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness
Absolute Beauty: Radiant Skin and Inner Harmony Through the Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda
Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out


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    A healthy diet will always be composed of high fiber frutis and veggies, low sugar, low carb and rich in protein.””,


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