Organic Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Block Sunscreen

Organic Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Block Sunscreen

Organic Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Block Sunscreen

When deciding to buy your next sunscreen lotion, you have 3 choices. An Organic Sunscreen, a Chemical Block Sunscreen or a Physical Block Sunscreen. Each have their own effective way to filter out the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

Let’s start off by looking at how a chemical sunscreen works.

Chemical sunscreen work by absorbing ultraviolet rays before they reach the skin’s surface by converting it from light to heat energy. Chemicals such as benzophonones, oxybenzone and cinnamates are used as such UV absorbing ingredients. However, there is a real question mark on the safety of it’s use as research have shown that the use of chemical sunscreen is linked to the higher incidence of skin cancer due to its free radical generating and DNA/hormone discrupting properties.


What’s more concerning is that Oxybenzone’s processto ‘filter’ ultra violet light on the surface of the skin by converting light to heat can be absorbed through the skin. This is disturbing because if light is converted to heat in the basal layers of the skin, damage to growing cells is very likely.

Physical block sunscreens on the other hand work by provide a reflective barrier against sun damage. Ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are commonly used in a physical block sunscreen and is derived from naturally occurring minerals. Zinc oxide can block against both UVA and UVB rays, covering the whole spectrum, while titanium dioxide only delivers protection from UVB rays.

Organic Sunscreen also work by providing a reflective barrier against sun damage using active blocking agents zinc oxide or titanium oxide. However organic sunscreens are chemical free as organic sunscreens will not contain any chemical UV-absorbers, synthetic preservatives, benzoates, petrochemical, artificial fragrances, artificial flavours or colour and other harmful chemicals. For people with sensitive and allergy prone skin and for people who are concerned about cancer inducing chemical ingredients used in chemical filters, then an organic sunscreen may be more suitable option. For great organic sunscreens with full UV spectrum and SPF 30+ protection, try Soleo Organics organic sunscreen and John Masters Natural Mineral Sunscreen are great choices.

Although we are winning the fight against skin cancer on a numbers front in terms of skin cancer related deaths, with early detection, better treatment and care. More work and more awareness still needs to be made in prevention. This includes minimising sun exposure, wearing a hat, slipping on a shirt and protecting yourself with chemical free sunscreen.


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8 thoughts on “Organic Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Block Sunscreen

  1. maria mills

    My face cream has powerful antioxidants because it actually contains real blue berries. . .its from this organic and chemical free company called Made from Earth – Three Berry Face Cream. It has actual berries in it which are mixed with the lotion and applied to your face. Plus, I have sensitive skin and don’t put any chemicals in my body, and this one of the few face creams I have found that is 100% chemical free . .
    Seriously – toxic synthetic chemicals in your lotions are not necessary. Human skin is porous which means that substances we put on our skin are absorbed directly into our bloodstream. This means these chemicals may end up in your liver or other organs. The Made from Earth skin care line is my favorite and I use the organic Adagio for shampoo

  2. maria mills

    Hey everyone,

    Another great LOCAL organic skincare company that is certififed is MADE FROM EARTH. I have been using their products for the last 6 months – and now stopped!! Because my skin has naturally improved itself and I have seen a real decline in the amount of wrinkles on the side of my eyes. I would recommend the “VITAMIN ENHANCED FACE FIRMING SERUM”. This is the cream I only used for 6 months and now stopped because it naturally has improved my owns skins ability to heal itsefl and become firmer.

    As a body lotion, I use the HONEY HONEY cream. Smells like honey. Definitely check them out and they are way better priced than most organic skin care lines. . .the website is

  3. sue p


    The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is a staple in my beauty regiment. Its from the Made from Earth skin careline. I didn’t used to believe in creams and other things to make my skin look younger, but a girlfriend of mine talked me into using some of the Made from Earth line – and since its organic and chemical free and I am a super healthy woman, I thought I would try it.

    I tried it just to try to prove her wrong, but thankfully, I was the one who was wrong! This cream is a lifesaver! Eventhough it’s a little expensive, it goes a long way and is well worth the money – 1 bottle lasted me 3 months. My skin is so much firmer and fresher looking. My skin doesn’t look tired and worn out anymore, but instead I look refreshed and YOUNG! I can’t live without it now! Recommendend for healthy women looking for younger skin, who dont want to put harsh chemicals on their facial skin.

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  5. Sandy Swiss

    Organic and natural sunscreen is the way to go! There are so many harsh chemicals out there that while trying to protect our bodies we are actually hurting them! I use the products from and I swear they work great. I have allergies and they don’t even irritate them.

  6. sue ingram

    Agree on all your points made but would like to add the importance of having high UVA protection as well as UVB when selecting a sunscreen. From an educational perspective, many people are still unaware of how important it is to have protection from both. UVB protection alone makes one that much more vulnerable to UVA damage and so frankly I believe you are better off wearing no sunscreen and just using clothing for protection.

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