Organic Personal Lubricants – For an Organic Orgasmic Experience

Organic Personal Lubricants - For an Organic Orgasmic Experience

Organic Personal Lubricants – For an Organic Orgasmic Experience

Organic Personal Lubricants

Sexual well-being is such an important factor in human happiness that we believe contributing to the freedom, health and comfort of sexually active people can be transformative for the individual and gladdening for the world. So when it comes to sexual pleasure, you want to experience the most blissful state on both a conscious and sub-conscious level. A good organic lubricant is a vital component. I emphasize ORGANIC.


When it comes to selecting a personal lubricant, be sure to select one that is organic and natural. The common synthetic chemical lubricants can contain a cocktail of harmful ingredients such as:

– petrochemicals (thick oils like petrolatum that coat skin)
– parabens (skin irritants and have cancer concerns)
– skin irritants
– glycerine/glycerol (Causes Thrush outbreaks, is a skin irritant and leaves skin sticky)
– hormones (safe to use if recovering from Breast Cancer or wanting to avoid HRT)
– silicone (coats skin, feels yucky and is really hard to wash off)
– propylene glycol (cell wall disrupter, pulls chemicals through and into the blood stream)

Why would you want to put old style synthetic chemical lubricants on such a vital sensitive area when there is a natural and pure alternative?  Chemicals on your “Crown Jewels” – I think not.

A good organic lubricant can help with painful intercourse and vaginal dryness.  They cannot cure vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy but they can help significantly with easing the symptoms. A good water based organic lubricant made from plant polymers should hold water and carry it to the dry vaginal tissues. They gently release water into the tissues and re-hydrate them. This can give the vaginal tissues some of the elasticity and moisture they used to have. For severe vaginal dryness, an organic oil lubricant containing oils and butters that feed the dry tissues can be very satisfying.  The oils and butters are fairly quickly absorbed and do make dry tissues more supple giving greater protection to fragile tissues when making love.

For a truly certified organic personal lubricant, try ‘Yes’ oil base or water base lubricant. ‘Yes’ lubricants is guaranteed of product purity, giving you the assurance there is nothing unknown, hidden, or damaging present. It contains pure plant extracts laden with skin healing and nourishing properties, grown and manufactured to organic standards.
The founders of ‘Yes’ set out to create intimacy products which would outshine the category.  It has taken three years of profound research and creative development to create lubrication which:

– Offers exceptional performance without compromising purity
– Is non-derivative, having a new concept formulation which is totally unlike the tired well worn variations on silicone or glycerin based lubes
– Is based on an ingredient with a outstanding (6,000 year) pedigree as a healing skin food
– Has powerful moisture retentive properties
– Is bio-adhesive to mucous membranes (inner skin environment)
– Is composed of other organic, cosmetic and food quality ingredients
– Is actively nourishing of the mucous membranes
– Has a sublime consistency
– Is as nature identical as possible
– Does not expose intimate parts of the body to potentially damaging synthetic chemicals
– Can be dispensed discreetly and efficiently
– Deploys a valve closure which is hygienic and reduces the amount of preservative required
– Is packaged in an aesthetic way
– Can look stylish enough to be happily bought and left on display
– Offers all the reassurance of a natural product, with the premium performance of a synthetic one
– Changes your world from the inside.

Click here for an organic orgasmic experience with ‘YES’ lubrication range.


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  1. zaki

    Every time you look into the mirror, you find the natural health of your skin deteriorating from problems like aging, acne, blackheads, wrinkles, dark circles etc. The reason is not only the physiological changes in the skin, due to aging, but the harsh chemicals that come in contact with our skin. Certified organic cosmetics can provide safe, healthy solutions and benefits to one’s skin.


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