Organic Eye Makeup Tips

Organic Eye Makeup Tips

Organic Eye Makeup Tips

Unless if you are wearing a low cut top exposing your cleavage, then usually your eyes are the first feature people notice when meeting you for the first time. So it is important to make the most in defining your own eyes by giving them careful attention to create the look you want.

The issues for eye makeup are similar to those for other makeup: do you want toxic chemicals such as mineral oil, petroleum, chemical colourings, or aluminium in your eye makeup? Or do you want something natural such as an organic or mineral makeup.


Eye Shadow Tips

To create a smooth canvas for your eyelids and to increase the staying power for your organic eye shadow, apply a light touch of foundation to the eyelids first before applying the eye shadow. Now if you are using more than one eye shadow colour, the general rule is to place the lightest colour on the brow area, the medium shade on the main eyelid area, and outline the eyes close to the lashes area in the darkest shade.

I Want Longer Sexy Lashes

Mascaras is really a beauty essential that every women should have. To help create the illusion of long lashes the secret is to work the organic mascara well into the roots of the lashes. Likewise, an organic eye liner can be worked into the lash-line. Accentuate brows and lashes, and you may find you can get away with much less eye makeup than before (this is especially true for blue eyed blondes, whose eyes can “disappear” without some colour)

I Want beautiful shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrows do frame the face, drawing attention to the eyes, making them appear larger and more defined”. When defining your eyebrows, do so before applying the rest of your eye makeup, to frame your eyes. Use a well sharpened pencil and light feathery strokes, following the brow line; aim to colour the brow hairs, not the skin. With a steady hand, following the brow’s natural arc, you can extend the line of the brow very slightly in the direction of the ear – in this case, drawing lightly on skin. Press the line with your finger to soften, but do nor smudge it.

Alternatively use eyeshadow powder just slightly darker than your brow colour and using light, feathery strokes, colour the brow hairs, not the skin, following the brow’s natural line. You can buy specially angled brow brushes for this purpose. Click Here for a great selection of animal cruelty free makeup brushes.

To make sure the colour stays on longer, try layering brow products: first pencil, then powder to “set” the brow line.


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