Nvey Eco Organic Makeup Review

Nvey Eco Organic Makeup Review

Nvey Eco Organic Makeup Review

A pioneer in the organic makeup industry, Australian made NVEY ECO is Europe and America’s number 1 selling organic makeup. Their success is a reflection of their top quality product range using advanced bio organic formulas and carefully selected plant and mineral ingredients, blended with natural botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants to make a pure, gentle and highly effective organic makeup solution.

Nvey Eco is the only cosmetic brand to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain.

Please note that in this review, I’m in no way favoring one product from another. Each person has different skin type, skin tone and skin conditions, the information provided should only be used as a reference to help you make a more informed decision with your purchases. The following will be based on my own skin tone which is fair with a pinkish undertone.


Description – With a harmonizing blend of Safflower, Jojoba and Castor Oil, Eco Creme Deluxe provides a high definition, full coverage finish. Its base is formulated to soften the skin while antioxidants: Vitamin A, C & E protect the skin from free radicals. Natural earth colourants provide the skin with a pure colour match.

Review – 10 shades to choose from. I use shade #876 on my fair toned skin and the coverage is just normal. Nothing spectacular. It covers some of the redness I have and some of the lighter blemishes on my cheeks. But for more serious marks and minor scars, this will not do the job. It does provide a great moistuising effect on my skin and definitely works well to even out my skin tone. Putting the coverage aside, the general feel of the foundation is light absorbent. It doesn’t cause any breakouts or allergic skin reactions. I believe this product will work better for people with good skin that requires a bit of touch up. For people with troubled skin, the coverage will not be enough.

Description – Chamomile, cucumber and organic calendula combine to create this soothing, moisturising and aromatic liquid foundation. The luxurious addition of Rose Absolute assists dry and sensitive skins. Tinted using natural earth elements, ECO Moisturising Fluid Foundation is available in a range of colours for a natural everyday radiance.

Review – The main purpose of any foundation is to provide coverage for imperfections in the skin. Nvey Eco’s liquid foundation achieves this goal to about 80%. Like the cream foundation, it provides a good variety of shades to choose from so you are sure to find the shade to match your skin tone. I find that it will cover around 85% of my imperfections (redness, finelines, freckles, blemishes) but for the really dark blemished marks, it is better off using the cream foundation or for a flawless finish, apply some concealer on top. The moisturizing agents gives my skin a natural healthy look and as with all Nvey Eco’s products, it feels very light on the skin (which I love).

Description – ECO Erase conceals blemishes, dark circles around the eyes and other imperfections. With a subtle blend of Safflower, Jojoba, natural antioxidants and organic Castor Oil, ECO Erase ensures an even and soothing coverage. Apply lightly and gently to your skin using an applicator or sponge.

Review – 2 shades to choose from; natural and medium. My skin tone is quite fair so the ‘medium’ shade concealer does wonders for covering my flaws. However, some of my friends which have  darker skin tone find it lacks true coverage power especially for fresh dark blemishes and spots. Overall a great product for me, I can feel it is very light, smooth and natural on my skin and would recommend that would be suitable for people with lighter skin tones. Apply the concealer on top of your foundation to achieve the perfect finish.

Description – Soft as silk, NVEY ECO’s Compact Powder derives its texture from organic elements and effective antioxidants A,C & E. Talc free, ECO’s unique blend combines corn Silk and Jojoba Oil with subtle earth minerals to deliver a natural coverage, perfect to seal and refresh the foundation.

Review – Nvey’s compact powder works well in combination with the liquid foundation or the cream foundation. I use a brush to apply a very tiny amount of powder after I apply my liquid foundation. Since the liquid or cream foundation, didn’t provide the full coverage that I needed, the compact powder is a great finisher.

Description – Soothing Chamomile and Antioxidants Vitamins A,C & E, makes for a smooth and soft formula, excellent for dry sensitive skins. Talc free, NVEY ECO’s combination of natural corn silk and jojoba oil adds depth of colour,ease of application and long wearing ability. These eyeshadows can be used to enhance and contour the eye area, or individually for a flush of color. NVEY ECO shadows are easy to apply and blend without heavy texture to the eye. All of the eyeshadows convert easily to an eyeliner by simply adding a drop of water and applying with a liner brush. While well-suited for everyday use, the intense color and pigments also make it easy to achieve a dramatic evening look.

Review – One of my favorite products from the Nvey range. The staying power is excellent, the colours enhance my eyes perfectly, it is feathery and non drying to my eyes, it does not cause any sensitive reactions and I have the peace of mind of knowing it is chemical free and organic. There are 20 colours to choose from so I had no trouble finding the colour match. If your’re not sure of the colours, get the colour pallette which contains five colours in one. I’m sure you will find the right colour for you.

Description – A gentle and effective eyeliner formulated with soothing chamomile and natural oxides to define, shape and enhance your eyes. NVEY ECO’s special talc free formula adds depth of colour and ease of application, enriched with organic elements from nature. Finely milled with an extra soft base of Corn Silk and Jojoba oil, NVEY ECO Organic Cake Eyeliner can be used to highlight and contour the eye area. Chamomile and vitamins A, C & E make for a smooth and soft formula excellent for dry and sensitive eyes. Can be used wet or dry.

Review – I use an eyeliner to help define my eyes. I think the biggest selling point with this is the organic factor. I really feel a lot safer putting this eye liner on knowing that is chemical free because the skin around the eyes is especially thin and delicate and prone to sensitivity from harsh chemicals. Stays on all day long from 8am in the morning to 6pm at night. “Sold”

Description – ECO Organic Mascara is a luxurious, rich and nourishing mascara formulated with Vitamin B5 (D Pathenol), Nettle and Horsetail herb to strengthen, condition and build the lashes for a full, dramatic look.

Review – Continuous application of chemical mascaras can cause your eye lashes to become brittle and eventually break or fall off. Which is why it is such a relieve to have organic chemical free solution for my lashes. Nvey Eco’s mascara does not cause my lashes to become brittle at all. Providing you don’t rub your eyes throughout the day, it stays on ok. Some of the mascara does tend to fall off naturally during the day and I do need to reapply. But compared to a lot of other natural organic mascaras in the market, the staying power is quite good. Colour is standard but rich pigments gives it a dry full look A must have mascara if you are prone to getting itchy sore eyes from chemical mascaras.

Description – Eco Lipstick delivers vibrant and natural colour compositions. An organic Castor Oil base combined with soothing safflower, beeswax and Vitamin E provides antioxidant and nourishing properties for soft, smooth lips. This lipstick is formulated with rich pigments, so you can expect long-wearing ability as well as intense depth of color. It’s formulated with organic castor oil, which penetrates the skin easily, leaving your lips soft and supple. All NVEY ECO Lipsticks enhance the lip shape, add definition, and can be used to highlight or alter the lip color.

Review – For an organic lipstick, I must say the Nvey Lipstick range has a good selection of colours to choose from. A few dramatic shades, but mainly natural earthy based colours. I normally use a moisturizing lip balm (burt’s bees beeswax lip balm) first before applying the lipstick but most of the time it isn’t necessary because the lipstick provides good moisturising ingredients. It goes on easily and stays on better than most lipstick.

Description – NVEY ECO Lip Lustre is a nourishing, lustrous, and rich lip lacquer enhanced by organic elements to create smooth and subtle lips. The luxurious colour glides on leaving a refreshing feel, and is enhanced by the organic beeswax providing the skin with energy, protection and harmony, plus a glossy, shiny, slightly shimmery texture. NVEY ECO Lip Lustre is a high shine, moisturizing non-sticky formula. Use it to highlight natural lip color or lipstick. For high intensity color, apply a second coat.

Review – The Nvey lip gloss is a must have product. I will normally use the lip gloss product over the lipstick when I’m just going to work or just heading out of the house. I think the quality is excellent providing my lips with intensive hydration. Like with all Nvey Eco’s products, it is very easy to apply and the lip gloss is no different. It comes with a long absorbent wand for easy application. The gloss is not too overwhelming providing more of a shimmery, glittery feel instead. I pop it into my handbag for easy access 24/7.  4.5 stars.

Description – NVEY ECO Certified Organic Lip Plumper, plumps, hydrates, and moisturises, temporarily enhancing the natural colour and shape of the lips using a tingly blend of invigorating ingredients including Capsicum, Cinnamon Bark Extract and Menthol. The Result: A full looking pout with a tingly Cinnamon taste and scent that reminds you that you are getting an extra boost in lip volume without the use of harsh chemicals.

Review – Chemical lip plumpers are really bad for your lips. It contains irritating ingredients like polyethylene, aluminum and BHA which work to inflame and swell your lips for a negative fuller look? With Nvey Eco’s organic lip plumper, it contains natural organic ingredients including Capsicum, Cinnamon Bark Extract and Menthol which works to dilate the blood vessels in your lips to plump up your lips instead of inflamming it.

Description – Easily applied, the ECO blush delivers a soft, natural and seamless finish, formulated using a unique blend of Corn Silk, Chamomile and Jojoba Oil. Vitamins A, C, E help protect the skin from harmful free radicals, and the organic elements from nature are great for sensitive skins.

Review – It is very difficult to finding the perfect colour for a blush. At least this is the problem that I’m faced with. Nvey offers a reasonable selection of 8 normal colours and I must admit, I couldn’t find the colour I like. I tried blush colour #954, #955 and #957 but none of these traditional colours did it for me. It just didn’t enhance my cheek bones as well as i liked. In terms of the application and feel of the product, it feels very soft and smooth on my skin. This product didn’t work with me, but I’m sure it will do better for others.

For the complete selection of Nvey Eco makeup range visit Australia’s #1 organic skin care store – “Green Organics”.


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