Moom Organic Sugar Hair Removal Review

Moom Organic Sugar Hair Removal Review

Moom Organic Sugar Hair Removal Review

I recently came across a great review on the Moom Organic Hair Removing products. Thought I’d share it with everyone.

Thank you “Natural Living For Women” for this comprehensive review on Moom!

I recently was asked to try Moom Natural Hair Remover. I had been curious about sugaring to remove hair mainly because I liked the thought that I could remove hair and not have to deal with it again for at least a month but it also sounded like it might be a less painful than waxing.


One of the great benefits to using Moom Natural Hair Remover is the ingredients, chamomile, sugar, lemon juice, tea tree oil and water, that’s it. They are all organic, completely safe and is even good for your skin.
How Moom Natural Organic Hair Remover Worked?

Moom Natural Hair Remover comes with a jar of product, sticks for applications and reusable fabric strips for removal along with complete instructions.

One of the drawbacks to products like this are that you have to allow the hair to grow long enough. They suggest about 1/4″ of hair is needed before using this product. This might not please everyone but it is necessary to have enough hair for the sugar solution to grasp.
Moom Hair Removal Step 1

The instructions said to slightly warm Moom Natural Hair Remover. I just put the jar in the microwave for about 10 seconds, just enough to give it the consistancy of honey. Starting with clean dry skin, I applied Moom with the direction of the hair growth in as thin a layer as possible. It took a little practice using what looks like a fat popsicle stick to get a thin layer and I found myself going over the area several times kind of scraping off the excess in order to get it thin enough.

Moom Hair Removal Step2

I then applied the cloth strip to the sugar solution on my skin by rubbing it several times quickly and then I pulled it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. It wasn’t painless but I wouldn’t call it painful. It stung momentarily but wasn’t bad especially on my legs. Underarms are more sensitive. They suggested applying a thin layer of cornstarch before applying Moom Natural Hair Remover.

Without thinking a couple of times I did not apply the Moom with the hair growth. I kept wanting to apply it upward on my legs. You will find that while the hair on your legs grows one direction the underarm hair can grow a couple of different directions so take note. I had to repeat the process to get it right.

Moom is quite sticky and tacky especially as it cools so application takes practice and patience. I say this because until you have used Moom a few times and developed a technique you may find as I did that you will get frustrated. I found that if I worked in small sections I had more control and did not have to spend time removing the tacky excess. I actually did my best job on my underarms because it is a small area.

And Then Success

After my initial frustration, I developed a technique that worked for me and can now say that while not quite as quick for me as shaving it has become easier. I really love that I do not have to worry about regrowth which for me meant over a month of smooth, soft skin. The regrowth was not the cut edge of the hair. It came in softer which meant no razor stubble.

If I discover later that I have missed a small area I didn’t bother to heat the sugar, just applied a little from the jar, slapped on a fabric strip and yanked those strays. This too could be avoided by working with smaller areas no greater than the width of the fabric strip and a few inches long.

While I did experience a little minor irritation using this, it only lasted a short time. It’s also a good idea to do this before bed to allow any irritation to subside and they recommend waiting about 10 hours before using deodorant.

My jar lasted through almost 4 applications for legs and underarms but the better I get at application the longer it lasts. Your results will vary depending on hair growth and application.

Thoughts From the Editor Moom

Excellent ingredients. Takes practice and is more time consuming than shaving but works well and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Plenty of info available to make application easier. The cost while high is going to vary per person and if you don’t have to worry about shaving for at least a month I think it is worth the extra work and expense.

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