Kjaer Weis Black Lip Balm

Kjaer Weis Black Lip Balm

Kjaer Weis Black Lip Balm

KW Black – The Lip Balm

Kjaer Weis recently launched a new category called KW Black and The Lip Balm is the first foray into the dark side and a big change from the classic silver and red. For brutally cold dry winter months, this along with “The Beautiful Oil” will be a skin saver for winter.


The warm, sweet scent is the result of a beautiful blend of chamomile along with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils and extracts.

The smooth texture of brazil nut seed oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil allows you to apply a light layer or you can build it up for a thicker layer and deeper hydration.

The tin pan is deeper than the lip tint tin pan, giving you more product for the lip balm since it’s something you’ll probably go through faster

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