Introducing Wotnot Organic Skin Care Products

Introducing Wotnot Organic Skin Care Products

Proudly Australian, the WOTNOT range are premium products using ingredients that are chosen for their abilities to benefit the skin by combining natural and certified organic ingredients, to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe.

This gem of a brand has slowly become a celebrity cult brand with followers including:
– Tracey Spicer (Sky News presenter)
– Jodie Meares (fashion designer and t.v presenter).
– Erika Heynatz (singer, model and t.v presenter).


WOTNOT Naturals was started by Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard after launching the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia, Moltex Oko.

“As our customers grew to love the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy they asked for complementary products of an equally high standard and with all natural ingredients. And so WOTNOT Naturals was born and continues to grow with the feedback and requests from our customers”.

Wotnot customers are the backbone and provides the strong directional force behind everything they do.

Wotnot is passionate about honouring the following core values:

* Loyalty to our customers, employees and suppliers
* Excellence in all that we do
* Listening to our customers to ensure we deliver what they need
* Responsibility and care for our environment and community.

Wotnot ingredients

WOTNOT products are free from animal extracts where possible. Our sunscreen includes beeswax to provide water resistance.

Wotnot products are free from:

* artificial fragrance
* petrochemicals and mineral oils
* lanolin and phthalates
* soap, sulphates & other drying agents
* parabens, petrochemicals & glycols and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin
* our wipes and sunscreen are safe for sufferers of Eczema

Wotnot & the Environment

WOTNOT use 100% Renewable Energy in their office and warehouse.

Wotnot is very conscious of the waste generated in a standard office on a daily basis. Wherever possible we reuse first. If it cannot be reused by us we look to who could reuse it and so our empty tape rolls end up in childcare centres and local playgroups who use them for craft. If it can’t be reused we recycle. All paper and cardboard which is not reused is recycled. Any excess nappy boxes are used for collecting garden vegetation. The pallets used for the nappies are made from recycled woodchip and are sent to the local tip for recycling.

All wotnot printed matter is from recycled paper/card.

WOTNOT are passionate about the wellbeing of our children and the environment


Wotnot Customer Feedback

“Loved the wotnot wipes, they have been an absolute Godsend this week when I’ve been rushing between jobs and needing a fast switch of make-up. They really are super efficient at removing many inches of camera make-up and they don’t irritate at all – no residue left on the skin which is brilliant!”
Erika Heynatz (singer, model and t.v presenter).

“After working in the beauty/make-up industry for over 15 years you can really tell the great products. Wotnot facial wipes are definitely a staple in my make-up kit. I can use these on all my celebrity and model clients, even if they have sensitive skin. Wotnot facial wipes are a fantastic natural product and I can’t believe they have not been out sooner in the marketplace.”
Leiane Taylor (make-up artist).

WOTNOT sunscreen is the best I’ve ever used!!!”
Tracey Spicer (Sky News presenter).

“I am now a regular user of WOTNOT sunscreen – our whole family uses it. I love the coverage it gives, it is easy to apply (the kids even use it willingly themselves) and I feel that it gives us good protection (as it appears to have a high zinc content, which you can see with the coverage it provides.”
L. Vezgoff

“Love your sunscreen, it’s just gorgeous and not too oily. I am very happy, and it’s now my sunscreen of choice for my daughter Grace.”

“Constant travelling makes Wotnot facial wipes a perfect staple in my bag. I have sensitive skin so being all natural is very important to me.
Jodie Meares (fashion designer and t.v presenter).

“Your WOTNOT wipes are excellent and I have just bought the WOTNOT sunscreen to try.”

“These Wotnot baby wipes are amazing. They are tough, very gentle and large in size so you use less and I find them cost effective. They also hold a lot of moisture and I find them far more effective than any previous brand tried. I use them not only to clean my son but for a multitude of purposes when we are out and about.
Your sunscreen is effective and gentle and I find is more readily absorbed and less sticky than other natural brands. I use it with confidence on my son’s eczema and find it very moisturing as well.”
C. Azzopardi

“I LOVE your products. They are great. Especially your Wotnot baby moisturiser. Really nourishing compared to competitors.”
L. Hughes


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