Green Tea Skin & Health Benefits

Green Tea Skin & Health Benefits

Green Tea Skin & Health Benefits

Since ancient times, the Chinese have known about the health and beauty benefits of green tea.

Green tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechin pholyhpenols and in particular pigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which help slow aging, fight free radicals, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, reduce sun damage skin and provides anti-inflammatory effect.

Green tea is also high in vitamins C, D and K, as well as riboflavin, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. A cup of green tea a day will help keep the doctor away.

Written By David Brenner


Green Tea Skin Benefits #1:
Anti-Aging Effects – Fighting Free Radicals

Green tea contains potent antioxidants called catechins, and tea extract is proven to increase antioxidants activity in the blood. The active ingredient catechin, has been found to outperform Vitamin C and beta-carotene ten times in scavenging the alkyl peroxyl radical.

Antioxidants help to fight skin damage caused by free radicals leading to its anti-aging properties.

Green Tea Benefits #2:
Prevent Skin Cancer

Green tea prevents various types of cancer by:

Neutralizing cancer causing agents

Protecting cells against mutation from cancer causing agents by interfering with the binding cancer-causing agents

Inhibiting bacterial-induced DNA mutations that also can lead to certain cancers.

Protecting against the effects of ionizing radiation and ultraviolet radiation.

Green Tea Benefits #3:
Protecting Against Cardiovascular Disease

Green tea has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and serum triglyceride levels. The potent antioxidant effects of green tea inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries. The oxidation of LDL cholesterol plays a major contributory role in the formation of atherosclerosis.

Green tea reduces the risk of arterial blood clotting by two known mechanisms. First, green tea inhibits another clotting agent called platelet activating factor (PAF). Reducing thromboxane A2 levels is highly desirable. Thromboxane not only causes arterial blood clots, but also causes arterial constriction. The inhibition of thromboxane can prevent a heart attack or a thrombotic stroke.

Green Tea Skin Benefits #4:
Sooth Acne And Lighten Skin

Green tea has proved to be anti-bacterial that reduces inflammation, decreases hormone activity, capable of killing the potentially deadly Staphylococcus Aureus and the bacteria that cause Bacterium acne.

Green tea’s antioxidants have been shown to be highly beneficial to acne prevention. These antioxidants help your body to fight against free radicals that cause damage to cells and tissues in your body. Green tea therapy is less toxic and has fewer or no side effects as compare to other drug based products.

Green Tea Skin Benefits #5:
Rejuvenate Skin Cells

One study, performed in 2003 by Dr. Stephen Hsu (a cell biologist) of the Medical College of Georgia Department of Oral Biology, found that green tea was able to rejuvenate old skin cells that were at the end of their life cycle.

EGCG reactivated dying skin cells. “Cells that migrate toward the surface of the skin normally live about 28 days, and by day 20, they basically sit on the upper layer of the skin getting ready to die,” Dr. Hsu said. “But EGCG reactivates them. I was so surprised.”


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8 thoughts on “Green Tea Skin & Health Benefits

  1. Lolly

    I was wondering what green tea I should purchase? I usually get the ones from the supermarket in teabags but they don’t taste as nice as the ones you would get at a Japanese restaurant.

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Andrea Driver

    I am interested in buying some green tea. Would you please reply and tell me if all Chinese teas are irradiated at the point of import into Australia? How can I tell from the product if it has been irradiated?
    Thank you.

  4. Owner

    Green tea does have some amazing properties but it is important to make sure that you drink good quality green tea. Unfortunately the green tea that most people drink if low quality and not even green in colour.

    If you are looking for good quality green tea to support your healthy lifestyle then check out our website. At GREEN TEA on the GO! we sell Japanese green tea powder (sencha powder) that is grown and ground without the use of chemicals or chemical pesticides. It is a product of Japan and it tastes great. We also have a Facebook page so join us.

    Look forward to hearing from other green tea lovers.

  5. Reinaldo Prucnal

    Green teas or pepermint is a great way to start the day off, I also locate even though detoxing only eating one large meal with all of the foods you will need, ie veg, meat, bread and so forth and so on early following noon time each day time aids keep weight off as you have the relaxation of your day to melt away calls. Green teas raises your metabolism, but that is about all it does weight-loss smart. I consume it 4 occasions a day(the recommended intake), and it hasn’t completed anything. It is extremely wholesome even though, and has many benefits, so that you really should consume it, dieting or not.

  6. Mineral makeup

    Green tea is definitely a healthy beverage and is it really effective at treating acne and other skin problems. The main reason for green tea’s effectiveness is due to the fact that green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants. So, by drinking plenty of green tea you help rid toxins from your body and maintain a healthy cell structure.


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