Green Celebrity of the Month – Leonardo DiCaprio

A Super Natural Summer Glow

A Super Natural Summer Glow

If there were awards given out for celebrities involved with green eco friendly activities, Leonardo DiCaprio will surely win the Oscar best actor equivalent. Apart from his charming good looks and his breathtaking acting roles, Green Leo is also putting in an incredible effort to educate people from all around the world of the benefits and necessity for going green.

With ambitious goals to building a greener world for future generations, you can be sure that Leo is not just an other pretty boy from Hollywood trying to get publicity for himself. He’s a committed environmentalist who practices what he preaches.


Leonardo DiCaprio is also a member of the Global Green’s board of directors involved in everything from lobbying on behalf of green-friendly organizations for people to participating in fund-raising events.

Once of his most influential work yet in getting the message out on green living would have to be his film “The 11th Hour,” which he co-wrote and co-produced. Please visit his website at (, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, for a film trailer and the eco green way he lives.

DiCaprio’s home is solar powered and he drives around Hollywood in a Toyota Prius, a hybrid car that boasts 55 mpg and emits 89 percent fewer harmful gases than gasoline-powered car.

“We have the technology to make every car produced in America today just as clean, cheap and efficient,” DiCaprio said in an interview.

He is very well spoken and his influence to educate the world is enormous. Leonardo DiCaprio has long been the most outspoken celebrity about environmental issues. He even encouraged other celebrities to arrive at the Oscars in hybrid vehicles.

When you see Leonardo DiCaprio and other big named celebrities driving a hybrid-engine car to the Oscars, that is sending a strong message and statement that living green is the way to go. In recognition for his significant and visible contribution toward helping the environment, and for inspiring kids to do the same, Nickelodeon will honor Leonardo DiCaprio with the first-ever “Big Green Help Award” at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, March 28.

Keep up the great work Leo!

Leonardo DiCaprio – Our Green Celebrity of the month


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  1. Leo

    he’s verycute there is no words to say fr him. he’s fantastisc. titanic is my favorite movie he acted very fine in that, leo i wanna to make a dinner with u

  2. coach women

    To begin with, I liked the DiCaprio performances from Inception much.Leonardo faces his character with innocence and condemnation…in different words, he gets his persona to living. Inception is visually astonishing but with a little bit on the inside this movie will give you interchangeable experience as The Shutter Island – previous DiCaprio’s work. The Film means Leonardo and Christopher makes tremendous team from Titanic to Inception.respectable


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