Gisele Slams Chemical Sunscreen But Angers Dermatologist

Gisele Slams Chemical Sunscreen But Angers Dermatologist

Gisele Slams Chemical Sunscreen But Angers Dermatologist

Recently at Gisele Bunchen’s new natural skin care launch, the supermodel was slammed by Dolival Loao, a cancer expert and head of dermatology for calling sunscreen poison.

“I cannot put this poison on my skin,” the Brazilian Supermodel said, “I do not use anything synthetic.”

Yeah Gisele! Tell it like it is. We at Green Organics are behind you all the way. Gisele’s history as a green activist for the environment and against the use of toxins in skin care is impeccable.


In no way did Gisele claim she doesn’t use sunscreen. She just stays away from chemical sunscreen and uses organic natural physical block sunscreens that are toxic free as her sun protection.

She didn’t tell anyone not to use sunscreen. We would never tell anyone not to use sunscreen. All we ask is for people to stay away from toxic chemical (UV absorbing) sunscreen. Gisele said she doesn’t use the lotions because they contain too many chemicals, according to London’s Daily Mail. That is what Gisele was referring to.

“Sunscreen prevents damage to the skin and is of fundamental importance for the prevention of cancer,” Dolival Loao told newspapers.

Yes we agree with you Dolival, sunscreen prevents UV damage to the skin. But what you don’t tell people is the other harmful causes chemical sunscreen can cause to your skin.

Just read the following articles and find out the damages it can cause.

The Toxic Dangers of Oxybenzone in Sunscreens
Does an SPF30 Sunscreen Mean Twice the Sun Protection as SPF15
Does Sunscreen Prevent or Cause Skin Cancer?
Organic Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Block Sunscreen

Dolival Loao follows by saying “This is not any poison. When a public person makes a statement like this, it creates confusion.”

We disagree Dolival, chemical sunscreen is toxic. However, confusion may have been created with such a bold statement by Gisele. In Gisele’s defense, lets clarify she is simply telling people to stay away from toxic chemical UV abosorbing sunscreen and to use organic natural and eco friendly sunscreen.

There is even a new Soybean Sunscreen due for release that is non toxic and eco friendly Non Toxic & Eco Friendly.

Dolival, we know the toxic sunscreen companies donate large sums of money to your so called cancer research department. This constant stream of money would not be possible without your heavy chemical endorsements. So we don’t blame you for sticking up for your toxic chemical friends.

Lets not forget all these fancy dinners you get invited to where you are offered “things” which most of us can only dream of!

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8 thoughts on “Gisele Slams Chemical Sunscreen But Angers Dermatologist

  1. Googler

    Great article! I hate those money mungering doctors and dermos always endorsing the products that makes them the most money. I’ve heard they get alot of benefits from the big corporations.

    Go Gisele. Don’t let those idiots intimidate you.

  2. Smackerina

    Let’s get one thing straight.

    Gisele is one of the most down to earth super models and I’ve seen her in many interviews and shoots.

    For the health care hypocrites to jump all over her for such an enlightening statement is just not right.

    You have my support Gisele

  3. Lora

    ok, this is an obviously greenie hyppie site, but really, she’s seriously gonna lose marketing if she’s not gonna learn to use neutral language. it’s not that people don’t like to learn about organics, or green use, it’s just that the people who preach it sound like such eco-balistic idiots. at a march for green peace in DC, someone went around and got 5000 people there to sign an anti-H2O bill, meaning that half of the greenies don’t know that H2O is WATERRRRR. so if you want people to listen to you, jump off your tree house and go to school, get smart, and act reasonable. don’t be angry, just be smart. no one takes a hyppie seriously.

  4. Lora

    oh and googler, when you get skin cancer, i hope you seek care from giselle, but knowing you have no balls, you’re gonna crawl to the latest chemo doc and be all like “I LOOOOVE poison!” save me.

    lets be sure of one thing, giselle can’t cure your cancer nor you stupidity.

  5. ashleywatson

    Really i do not want to enter any toxin in my skin…. thanks for the organic sunscreen idea.

  6. Natural Moisturizer

    Hey friend! I too don’t want toxic content to find space in my body. Skin is the main source for toxicants to enter inside. To prevent from it I mainly use “natural moisturizer”. These products help a lot to keep skin glowing, healthy and free from infection.

  7. Fendel

    Calm down people. Putting chemical sunscreen on your body once in a while is not going to hurt you.

    I go to the beach like 5 – 6 times a year and each time I put I put chemical sunscreen on my body and my skin is find. I’m 43.

    Now, I don’t know the effects of putting chemical sunscreen on my body everyday and I’m sure it’s bad and maybe even cancerous. I wouldn’t use chemiccal sunscreen as a daily moisturiser.

    We do need protection from the UV radiation. I like the idea of an organic chemical free sunscreen and if they both provide the same results, I may give it a try next summer.

  8. Skin Blossom

    It’s a tricky one getting the balance right so the best option is to get the most natural organic suncream possible.


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