Get Fuller Lips – The Natural Way

Get Fuller Lips - The Natural Way

Get Fuller Lips – The Natural Way

If you want sexier fuller lips, there is no need to run to the surgeons to get injections or go under the knife. There are very simple, effective and natural ways to achieve fuller lips with proven results. Best of all, the methods can be applied immediately and most of the tools we’ll be using is readily available in your makeup bag.
1. Lip Balm

2. Lip Gloss

3. Lip Plumpers

4. Lip Stick

5. Lip Pencil Liners

Find out how to utilize these tools to your advantage to create the sexiest most gorgeous lips available to you. Hold on Brad Pitt, here we come!


1. Lip Balm

Dry cracked lips are unattractive. The creases and wrinkles gives the appearance of smaller worn out lips. What you want is to keep your lips moisturized all the time to give your lips the naturally plumper look.  Moist lips always appear naturally fuller. A lip balm is a very easy and convenient way to keep your lips moisturized, so make sure you keep one in your hand bag all the time and pull it out when you feel the need to re-moisturize. As well as the hydrating effect, most lip balms offer healing and protection from the dry weather. For a great natural lip balm, try Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

2. Lip Gloss

Moist lips and lip balms are great! But if you want to further enhance the fullness, a lip gloss will instantly help you achieve this making your lips look more gorgeous, young and fresh. The shine and gloss it gives to your lips helps to reflect light to  make it appear fuller as well as helping to draw attention to it. Best of all, it also provides your lips with moisturisation keeping your lips moist and dewy. Most lip gloss works the same but there are a wide variety of different flavours and scents to choose from to help make your lips even more kissable. For a great range of lip gloss, try Nvey Eco’s selection of organic lip glosses.

3. Lip Plumpers

Lip Plumpers does what the name suggest, plumps the lips. A good natural lip plumper will give your lips a full looking pout and an extra boost in lip volume without the use of harsh chemicals. Stay away from chemical lip plumpers that use harsh ingredients to irritate your lips. A natural organic lip plumper is just as effective using ingredients such as Capsicum, Cinnamon Bark Extract and Menthol to give a swelling effect to create fuller lips for up to about 4 hours. Lip plumpers are not for everyone. Some may find it too irritating to use and allergic reactions can set in. If you find it too uncomfortable, wash it off immediately and discontinue with its use. For an organic lip plumper, try Nvey Eco’s Organic Lip Plumper.

4. Lipstick

What we are doing here is using colours to make your lips look fuller and sexier. Ever noticed how lips which are covered with bright red lip stick immediately gives the impression of being sexier and bigger. As a general rule, brighter sharper colours with a natural shades (Pink, rose, orangy) works best to give you fuller lips whilst darker colours and shades(brown, dark purple) make the lips look smaller. For a great range of organic lipsticks, try Nvey Eco organic lipstick selecton.

5. Lip Liners

The lip lining technique is used by even the professional makeup artist to help models achieve a bigger fuller lip than it is. Lip liners help to shape your lips and by using special techiques such as the “out lining method” where you line the lips above or outside the lip line with a darker shade, you immediately create the bigger lip impression. Use a lip pencil in combination with a lip stick and you’re ready for a wild night out in town. Never apply lip stick or lip liner to dry lips. Always create a moist base first with a good lip balm before applying to achieve the best even results.


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  1. Kylie

    Also i recommend using Morgan Annie-all natural beauty lip scrubs..this will not only remove dry skin to make lips feel smooth and supple but will also circulate the blood in your lips to give you that natural feel of fuller lips…


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