Erbaviva’s New Modern Contemporary Re-brand

Erbaviva's New Modern Contemporary Re-brand

Erbaviva’s New Modern Contemporary Re-brand

Erbaviva’s new re-branded baby + mommy line launched this month at CosmoProf North America.

The new style is bright, fresh and embodies a modern apothecary look that is resonating with consumers, press and influencers alike.


Erbaviva has also added “certifications and buttons” to the product labels which help cut through the noise of the “green-washed” market and provides transparency to consumers.

As you know, from being a supporter of Erbaviva, 70% of our product range are USDA Organic – which means the products contain a minimum of 95% organic, food-grade ingredients.

For the products that do not carry the USDA organic seal we now provide the specific percentage of organic materials on the product label. On top of this, they’ve also provide information on the label which shows that we are cruelty-free, sulfate + paraben free, as well as vegan or vegetarian. To follow on their mission and passion for authenticity and transparency they’ve even added their authentication on every product label.

The transition from original erbaviva to the new look is a truly exciting period for both “Green Organics” and “Erbaviva”

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