Ecoya Launch Party

Ecoya Launch Party

Ecoya Launch Party

On Thursday, 1 of February, at Sydney’s Beta Bar, the Ecoya team hosted media and influencers at a launch event for our new Limited Edition Floral collaboration.


We were jointed by our partners Sean Cook of MR COOK in Sydney, Kelly Karam of BLUSH in Auckland and Jardine Hansen of Jardine Botanic in Tasmania, who each created a beautiful installation to support their fragrance.

Over a year ago, we proposed to our florist the idea of creating their perfect bouquet and we worked with our perfumers to create variations of the florist bouquets

We spent months perfecting these and ensuing Sean, Kelly and Jardine felt the fragrance notes that were coming through represented their bouquet. Each of the fragrances that have been designed by our partners are so different and so unique to their styles and aesthetics.

Ecoya Bouquet Party

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