Declutter Your Space for 2019: Invite Positive Energy & Increase Focus

Declutter Your Space for 2019: Invite Positive Energy and Increase Focus

Declutter Your Space for 2019

With New Year’s fast approaching it’s the time for resolutions. Why not make a commitment to declutter your home and workspace? Decluttering not only invites positive energy into our lives, it makes it easier to focus our time and energy. By freeing ourselves of things we don’t need, we make more room for the things we do. Let’s look more deeply at the positive effects of decluttering and some tips and tricks to get you started.



You’ll be less distracted
A cluttered environment makes it difficult to focus. All that stuff competes for our attention, making it harder for our brains to concentrate on the task at hand. Research has shown that people perform better in an organised environment. They also experience less anxiety and are more able to process information. With fewer distractions, you’ll not only be more productive, you’ll likely be more creative as well. A clean workspace also makes a good impression on your boss and co-workers.

You’ll feel happier
There is a clear link between clutter and increased anxiety. Scientists at University of California Los Angeles found that women with cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. They also felt lower self-esteem. Getting rid of clutter is bound to have a positive impact on your mood and wellbeing. In addition to less stress, decluttering brings a sense of achievement and helps boost confidence.

You’ll save time (and money)
Are you always frantically searching for your keys, phone or other essential item? Or looking something you know you have, but can’t remember where it is and end up having to buy it again? By decluttering you’ll not only find things more easily, you’ll also have less stuff to clean – both saving you precious time and energy. Decluttering can also make us more conscious of our spending. As we pare down and organise our belongings we’re less likely to buy things without carefully considering the value they bring to our lives.

You’ll make room for the new
Things are powerful. They bring back memories and hold sentimental value. We may also find it hard to let go of things because we feel guilty about the money we spent on an item, or because it was a gift from someone we love. But holding on to possessions that don’t add value to our lives only weighs us down. As we continue to grow and evolve it’s natural to let go of the things attached to our ‘old self’ in order to make way for new memories. What better way to start the new year than letting go of objects tied to our past, creating room for new adventures and experiences.

Start small
If your desk looks like a the aftermath of a tsunami and you’re afraid to open your closets because of the avalanche you’re likely to set off, the idea of decluttering may seem an impossible feat. But as with any overwhelming task, the best thing to do is to start small. Don’t try to tackle too much at once. Pick one area to focus on at a time. It doesn’t even have to be something as big as a closet. Start with one shelf, or one pile of papers on your desk. Break it down into whatever is manageable for you. Now commit to one task per day until you’ve tackled all the areas that need attention.

Rehome, recycle, re-purpose
Many of the items from your declutter may still be useful for others. Ask friends and family, or donate items to your local opportunity shop. For items that are no longer useful (i.e. used batteries or light bulbs), make sure to recycle or dispose of them correctly. For old cell phones, get in touch with an organisation like Mobile Muster. They’ll make sure your phone, battery and chargers are recycled properly and won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Don’t forget to declutter digitally
In addition to your physical space, it’s also important to declutter your digital space. A great way to keep your inbox from filling up with unnecessary emails is to start unsubscribing from all those mailing lists you’ve found yourself on. Keep only those you find most useful – you’ll be amazed how much lighter your inbox is and how much time you’ll save yourself.

Try the 30-day challenge
Still finding it hard to find the motivation to get started? Kick-start your decluttering drive by finding just one thing that you no longer need or want. Put in a box for charity, give it to a friend, throw it in the recycling bin – whatever is most appropriate. Now do this every day for 30 days. Or 60. You might even want to go longer depending on the level of decluttering your home and office need. Remember, decluttering is a journey. Even after you complete your initial declutter you’ll want to put habits in place to keep your space organised and clutter free moving forward.

Harmonise your new, cleaner space
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