Choose From 8 Different Forms of Foundation for Flawless Coverage

Choose From 8 Different Forms of Foundation for Flawless Coverage

Choose From 8 Different Forms of Foundation for Flawless Coverage

By Sophie Lee

Looking for a foundation? Ready to cover those unsightly imperfections. Take your pick from the following 8 foundation types, all working in combination to provide you with the perfect coverage suited for your skin. Lets start with the most common – the liquid foundation.

Liquid Foundation – is the most readily found and is suited to most, if not all – skin types. It is available in formulations from oil-free, oil-absorbing formulas to moisturizing formulas and gives varying degrees of sheer to medium coverage depending on the brand and the formula. You can purchase liquid foundation in a bottle or a tube. When applied, it gives you more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but less than a creme foundation.


Creame Foundation – is smooth and creamy and is specifically formulated for dry-to-normal complexions. It gives the skin a ntural finish while offering the highest coveragge. I find it to tbe the most versatile, because even though it tends to be of a thicker and heaveier consistency, it can be made sheerer simply by applying it with a damp sponge. Also, because of its great coverage, it can even be used as a concealer if you don’t have severe under-eye-circles. Creame foudnation is great for dry skin; however, if you have dry, flaky skin, beware because it can look “cakey” and the result can be slightly dull and heavy looking.
For a large collection of organic creame foundation shades try Nvey Eco’s Creame Foundation.

Tinted Moisturizer – is actually a moisturizer with a little colour added. It’s the sheerest of all the foundations, and it’s perfect for use during the summer months when you feel like wearing next to nothing. It evens out the skin tone while providing minimal coverage.
For a great natural tinted moisturizer, try Suki Colour’s Tinted Moisturizer.

Compact Powder – is a dual -finish powder foundation that gives a quick and convenient sheer to medium coverage. It is simply a pressed powder that can be used wet or dry. Used dry , it goes on like a pressed powder but gives you slightly more coverage. I find that it’s perfect for young girls because it’s low in oils and doesn’t clog pores, and so there’s little risk of pimples appearing without warning. And it’s great for touch-ups when you’re on the go. Applied with a brush, it gives you more coverage. Applied with a damp sponge, it gives you even more complete coverage, more like liquid and creme foundations.

Find the organic compact powder that suits you. Try Nvey Eco’s Organic Compact Powder.

Mousse foudation – is actually a creme foudnation that has a whipped consistency. It generally comes in a jar rather tahn a compact, and it is usually lighter and sheerer than its conmpact counterpart. It evens out the skin tone without appearing heavy. I use mousse- textured formulas a lot because they seem to sink into the skin ratther tahn sit on top of it. They give great coverage that appears very natural. They are fabulous on mature skin because they do not collect in fine lines like heavier creame formulas.

Pigmented Mineral Powder – is simply a loose powder that adheres to the skin, providing medium to full coverage. in addition to giving you coverage it also contains vitamins and minerals to help treat the skin. It works much like a dual – finish powder foundation and is simple to apply with a brush or a sponge.


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