Chocolate Skin Care Mask – Deliciously Tempting

Chocolate Skin Care Mask - Deliciously Tempting

Chocolate Skin Care Mask – Deliciously Tempting

Tired of using the same old conventional skin care Mask? Not that there is anything wrong with these products. In fact most of these ingredients are highly effective in beautifying your skin. But if you are adventurous like me and want to dive into something out of the ordinary, then you really need put ‘chocolate’ on the top of your next grocery list and stick your hand into a mixing bowl and start getting dirty.Now, I’m not going to bore you with details of all the hyped up benefits of chocolate skin treatments – “cocoa in chocolate is anti-aging” – “chocolate will smooth your skin” – “chocolate skin care will make skin glow“……da…di…da.

If you are going to cover yourself in chocolate, then do it for the fun and pleasure of it. I for one experimented with a chocolate facial mask simply for the thrill of covering myself up in chocolate. Being able to spend intimate time with my good friend “Choco” as well as being able to lick him off whenever I want it, made it that much more attractive to try this out this new kid on the block. Whether it has any benefits at all to my skin is not important to me, but the results of a softer complexion after my chocolate facial mask has proven to be a great bonus.


Beside the chocolate face mask, you may like to try something even more daring, such as a full body chocolate massage or a Chocolate hair treatment. Covering myself with chocolate has always been a fantasy of mine, and now my dream has come true. Any massage can help to increase blood flow, release stress, relieve tension, relax the mind and heal ailments.

What about a chocolate hair treatment? Mixed with the citrus of your choice, this chocolate  hair mask will tame the frizzies and hydrate your lovely locks…as long as you can resist nibbling on a few strands while it is working it’s magic.

Chocolate Mask Ingredients

Cocoa Honey


Organic fruit powder


If your lazy like me, you can grab yourself a few bars of dark chocolate, melt it under stove add some milk, wait for it to cool and apply.

The cocoa butter in chocolate does work to soften the skin and the cocoa contains an abundant of anti-oxidant that could prevent free radicals from damaging the skin’s elastin and collagen. However, for cocoa to be effective as an anti-oxidant, it would need to be absorbed and penetrate through to the dermis. Many doctors think that cocoa molecules are too big and doubt that it can penetrate that far. Also there is a lack of scientific evidence to back up the healing and anti-aging properties.

Whether it works or not, you are really going to enjoy yourself. This is a wonderful natural ingredient that is pure enough to eat. While the anti-aging claims are highly questionable, the chocolate aroma is still incredibly divine and most importantly the taste is outrageously scrumptious.

For a true chocolate beauty indulgence, try Bella Lucce’s organic chocolate skin care treatment range. So deliciously tempting:

Bella Lucce Chocolate Renewing Mask
The lactic acid and vitamins in coconut milk combine with pure cocoa powder to create a 100% natural masque for the face, feet and everything in between. Mix it up, paint it on and watch your worries melt!

Bella Lucce Chocolate Mask

Bella Lucce Chocolate Mask

Bella Lucce Chocolate Bliss Cream
Rich in prime-pressed cocoa butter and natural emollients, Bliss Creme moisturizes from head-to-toe, all while indulging your not-so-secret chocolate fantasy. Free from artificial fragrance and color, yet full of natural nourishment for dry skin, this delicious chocolate cream will quench your skin’s thirst and leave you smelling divine.

Serious chocolate therapy for seriously dry skin.

Bella Lucce Chocolate Cream

Bella Lucce Chocolate Cream

Bella Lucce Chocolate Body Wash
Created with ultra-mild cleansers and enriched with nourishing shea butter, an abundance of exotic botanical extracts and pure French cocoa absolute, this gentle body wash whisks away everyday dirt and grime to leave your skin feeling amazingly soft with the lingering aroma of decadently rich chocolate.

Bella Lucce Chocolate Body Wash

Bella Lucce Chocolate Body Wash


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