Body Wraps for Beautiful Skin

Body Wraps for Beautiful Skin

Body Wraps for Beautiful Skin

Body Wraps

I’m sure you’ve heard of a KFC wrap. What about a kebab wrap? And you’ve most probably eaten a McDonalds wrap before………… but have you ever tried a body wrap?

You won’t find a body wrap in any fast food outlet. A body wrap is normally found as a luxury treatment in a beauty spa or salon, but it can just as easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Benefits includes hydrating, nourishing and detoxifying the skin and promoting weight loss.


The process starts with applying your body with a mask substance made of algae, botanical oils, ointments, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion or cream, then wrapped in a cellophane material for 20 – 30 minutes creating a thermal blanket to draw out toxins and absorb nutrients.

The body wrap will promote sweating and aid in the emptying of unnecessary interstitial fluid, or the fluid located between the small spaces of body tissues encouraging weight loss and improving skin firmness. Various ingredients selected help target and improve certain underlying medical conditions. For example, seaweed, mud and clay is used to cleanse and detoxify the body. Oils and creams are used to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Most body wrap spa treatments you come across will fall into the 3 main types.

1. Detoxifying wraps (most popular)
A detoxifying body wrap using clay, salt scrubs and seaweed will help eliminate toxin, dirt, debris, and other skin damaging substances from the skin flushing out any unwanted nasties.

2. Mineral & Hydrating wraps (help to soften and tone the skin)
There are body lotions that use such ingredients as Shea butter which moisturizes, softens, and rejuvenates the skin. Certain mineral rich creams help stimulate collagen production and tighten loose skin.

3. Herbal wraps (using organic herbal ingredients)
When you visit your spa, make sure to request a herbal wrap that is 100% organic so there are no chemical additives. The ingredients nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals improving the overall health of the skin leaving it with a natural glow.

Can I really loss weight using this body wrap technique?
Now this may sound like an excellent weight loss tool, lye in comfort and wait for the fat to burn away! A body wrap session does help to promote natural slimming by emptying unnecessary fluid, increasing sweating, boost the lymphatic system and increase metabolism. In many cases, losing 1 – 5kg per wrapping session is quite common.

However, it is keeping the weight off that this the biggest challenge!

A spa treatment can cost any where between $100 – $250, depending on the ingredients used. If you are running on a tight budget, a homemade body wrap can easily be achieved by shopping for the right herbal ingredients and getting buying roll of ‘glad wrap’ from the supermarkets.


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