Fall In Love with Lotus Wei Love Potion

Fall In Love with Lotus Wei Love Potion

Fall In Love with Lotus Wei Love Potion

Embody, radiate, and attract more love with nature’s ultimate love potion. Infinite Love, by Lotus Wei is a delicious compilation of exotic flower essences from around the world designed to magnify unconditional love.


Tap into the secret power of flower essences to enhance your true beauty from the inside out. Feel the difference. Results are cumulative and exponential, so the longer the use, the more lovely life gets.

By misting yourself 5 times each day and breathing deeply its nurturing aroma of red roses and mandarin, Infinite Love aura energy mist make you feel irresistibly beautiful and loving. You can also mist your loved ones, office, home, car, bedroom, pillows and sheets to further spread the love around the community.

Subtle vibrations from flowers captured in aqueous infusions enhance your body and mind through your meridian system, similar to acupuncture. Hong Kong Orchid blossom is stunningly beautiful and makes you feel that way too. Its essence enhances your own personal magnetism, charm and charisma. Further attract love with Wild Fireweed flower to further enhance your ability to love yourself and others more deeply.

For those that haven’t come across your special somebody yet, not to worry. Pink Magnolia makes you feel whole and complete, and encourages you to take time to nurture yourself. Orange Hawkweed flower makes you feel gorgeous and irresistibly lovable without needing anything outside of yourself.

As a result, the positive changes in mood and state of mind will make you more beautiful and sexy from inside out.

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