54 Favorite Flower Essence Rituals

54 Favorite Flower Essence Rituals

54 Favorite Flower Essence Rituals

Heal yourself and recharge your energy with natural Lotus Wei flower essences. The result is a cosmic power of healing that empowers and encourages positivity to align your soul with your highest selves and help to bring about cosmic planetary transformation. Align with your purpose and unleash your passions to the world.


54 Favorite Flower Essence Rituals. HERE WE GO
1. Start the day off right: add an Elixir to your morning water, tea or coffee
2. Boost vitality and enhance radiance by misting your favorite Lotus Wei Aura mist around your face and shoulders during computer use
3. For artistic projects or while writing, mist yourself with Inspired Action for creative inspiration
4. Enhance teamwork and kindness: mist infinite love around the office
5. Prepare a mood boosting salad by adding Elixirs to your salad dressing
6. Be more effective: take short breaks throughout the day to mist yourself with Quiet Mind and breathe deeply
7. Relax and sleep deeply: apply Inner Peace Anointing oils to the bottom of your feet before bedtime
8. Let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth for relaxation
9. Mist pets with joy juice, infinite love or inner peace
10 Add 7 drops of an Elixir to your pet’s water dishes everyday

11 Give yourself a neck & shoulder massage with Quiet Mind Oils to melt away tension
12 Brighten the environment and cheer everyone up by misting your home or office with Infinite Love or Joy Juice before guest arrive.
13 Feel energized and happy with Joy Juice Perfume oils before going out to run errands
14 Enjoy silky skin and smell like flowers by drops your favorite Lotus Wei Anointing oil into your bath
15 Soften cuticles by applying oils during home manicures/pedicures
16 Make divine deserts and infuse them with extra love and joy
17 Re-energize and protect your health by applying Radiant Energy Oils to the ears after talking on the cell phone
18 Minimize irritation on airplanes by misting Infinite Love while travelling
19 Be supremely clam and clear while public speaking with Inner Peace
20 Regulate menstrual cycles, balance the reproductive system and eliminate / reduce cramps: apply Radiant Energy to the abdomen every night before you go to bed

21 Be ultra productive and creative with Inspired Action mist at work. Put it on your desk and mist yourself every hour or two
22 Cheer people up during the day: keep a Joy Juice mist in your bag and share freely
23 Quiet your mind and enjoy life while stuck in traffic: mist yourself with Quiet Mind
24 Spike the party punch with Joy Juice Elixir to induce states of euphoria and giggles
25 Enhance charisma and magnetism: mist yourself with Infinite Love before going out
26 Hydrate the ends of your hair and massage your scalp with your favorite serum
27 Spread good energy: share Joy Juice Elixir with when you’re out with friends
28 Get rid of headaches with Quiet Mind mist
29 Soften brow lines/wrinkles caused by feeling serious with Lotus Wei serums
30 Hydrate and protect your skin with Lotus Wei Serums

31 Boost your mood with your favorite Elxir add to smoothies
32 Students: focus and study with Quiet Mind or Inspired Action
33 When you feel irritable, Infinite love with soothe and nurture
34 When you don’t feel like getting out of bed, Inspired Action gets you going
35 Mist before makeup application or to set your makeup
36 Feel carefree with Joy Juice if you feel worried or feel you have too many responsibilities
37 If you have loved ones who are sick or feeling run down, snail mail them flower power
38 Cool down when it’s hot out in the summer: take your favorite mist when out
39 In the winter warm up by applying Radiant Energy Oils to the back of your neck; it will raise your body temperature within minutes
40 Give someone a massage with the Serum of their choice

41 If you have loved ones who are pregnant give them Infinite Love to nurture them
42 Use Inner Peace if you experience asthma attacks
43 Relax your body and treat yourself to a nap with Quiet Mind Mist
44 Clear the room of other’s energy with your a flower mist
45 If you know anyone with kids: give the gift of Inner Peace. A must have for every parent
46 Use Quiet Mind for ADHD and epileptic seizures
47 Mist your hands while you’re out and about and need to clean your hands
48 Clear your aura with a flower mist if you’re stressed or been around people who are stressed
49 If you wake up in the middle of the night, use Quiet Mind Mist to help you get back to sleep
50 Mist yourself with Quiet Mind Mist before your meditation practice

51 Spritz your girlfriends with Infinite Love while you’re out
52 Mist yourself and your yoga mat after yoga practice
53 Apply Quiet Mind Anointing Oils to pulse points at bedtime to help your sleep better
54 A piece of chocolate after dinner

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