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What Makes Celsus Scar Cream different?
What Makes Celsus Scar Cream Work?
Can I Use Celsus Scar Cream on Old Scars?
Can I Use Celsus Scar Cream on Stretch Marks?
Can Celsus Scar Cream be used on children?
When should I start using Celsus Scar Cream?
How soon can I expect to see results?
Can Celsus Bio make scars disappear?
Why is Organic important?
Is Celsus scar cream gluten free?
Is Celsus bio vegan?

What Makes Celsus Scar Cream different from other scar creams?
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We set out to create a scar removal treatment cream that actually works. We came up with an extremely nourishing cream that dramatically reduces the appearance of your scars, as well as visibly diminish the effects of aging. The factors that set us apart from other scar remedies are numerous: the complexity of our formulation and the number of active ingredients (twenty two!); our use of bioactive peptides; a cream packed with powerful antioxidants; zero harmful or toxic chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances; and all Certified Organic botanicals. When you use CELSUS Scar Cream, you know that you’re getting maximum efficacy and complete benefit – you won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

What Makes Celsus Scar Cream Work? (Back To Top)

CELSUS’ unique formulation includes some of the most potent botanicals known for their effects on the appearance of scars, combined with powerful peptides, supportive vitamins, antioxidants, and soothing moisturizers. You thus get 22 active ingredients working together harmoniously to reduce the appearance of your new and old scars, while revitalizing the surrounding skin.

Can I Use Celsus Scar Cream on Old Scars? (Back To Top)

YES. While results are more dramatic when used right away, CELSUS Scar Cream can help soften and reduce the appearance of older scars as well. For older scars, gently massage the cream into the scar, applying it 3-5 times per day for 3 months or more, as needed. You will likely see results sooner, but keep it up.

Can I Use Celsus Scar Cream on Stretch Marks? (Back To Top)

YES. CELSUS helps smooth the uneven texture and reduce the discoloration normally associated with stretch marks. CELSUS Scar Cream’s unique formulation minimizes the appearance of your stretch while nourishing and soothing your skin.

Can Celsus Scar Cream be used on children? (Back To Top)

Absolutely. Because CELSUS includes only the best organic ingredients with no questionable chemicals, parabens or artificial preservatives, you can feel great about using it on your child’s scars and abrasions. Our soothing botanicals are wonderfully effective and delightfully comforting on children’s sensitive skin.

When should I start using Celsus Scar Cream? (Back To Top)

Because CELSUS supports the healing process, we suggest you begin applying it on new injuries and scars as soon as the broken skin is closed. Apply 3-5 times per day for 6-8 weeks.

How soon can I expect to see results? (Back To Top)

In some instances, especially with newer injuries, you may feel soothing effects right away. For significant results on scars and stretch marks, we recommend allowing 6-8 weeks for results on newer scars, 3 months or more for older scars. However, you may see results sooner than that.

Can Celsus Bio make scars disappear? (Back To Top)

While no product can completely erase scars, CELSUS Scar Cream can dramatically diminish the appearance of new and old scars.

Why is Organic Important? (Back To Top)

Organic products are better for your body and better for the Earth. Because your skin potentially absorbs any chemicals applied to its surface, you should feel good about what you’re putting on your scar. CELSUS Scar Cream includes the finest organic ingredients and is free of toxic chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances, so you know that you’re taking care of your body while treating your scar.

Is Celsus Bio gluten free? (Back To Top)

Yes, CELSUS is completely gluten free.

Is Celsus Bio Vegan? (Back To Top)

Scar Cream is not vegan, as it contains Lactoperoxidase, a food grade enzyme derived from milk that functions as a natural antibacterial agent.

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