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Australian Made
"Improved 3 panel modern design allows for a better fit-seal reducing loose gaps and increasing effectiveness."



Much better design than those N95 construction looking dust mask. You can actually wear these out shopping without looking like you're working in a construction company. Light weight and very breathable.

Goldie from NSW

The fact that it is 100% made in Australia caught my attention. It's reassuring to know that we are now producing high quality mask and no longer have to rely on overseas imports. The 3M ones are way overpriced. These are really good value and much better quality.

Jerry from NSW

I work in a high risk industry dealing with children. Kids are full of germs and unfortunately I was stuck with getting the flu, or some sort of bacteria infection on a monthly basis. With the pandemic, I've made it a habit of mine to put on one of these P2 mask when working in the centre and not only ihas it kept the coronavirus out. I haven't been sick for such a long time from other germs. The best thing about these mask is the light weight breathability factor.

Therese from NSW

Being Australian made is sold for me. Let's bring back the manufacturing or at least some of the essential manufacturing plants back to Australia. Do you know we practically import all of our medicines. So when you go to get a prescription at the pharmacy, you are supporting probably from the US or Germany. Support Aussie made!!

Mr Stafford from VIC

Surprised at how breatheable and light weight the mask feels. Very comfortable on the skin even after 5 hours of use. Being in the trades industry, some customers now will not allow you inside their house without a mask. It's hard when you are sweating, but so far in winter, it's passed the test.

George from NSW

Stylish looking and may I add that it's also quite fashionable. I like the all white so that if I'm wearing all black, it gives a nice contrast.

Avi from VIC

There's one less thing I need to worry about now. Stocked up on my AMD P2 mask this week and having a reliable respirator masks on hand not only will I be using it for coronavirus prevention, I know these ones qualify for bush fire smoke and other natural disaster. Also handy for when I'm doing a bit of renovations around the home.

Charles from VIC

After searching and researching for almost 2 days on the internet, I finally decided to get the P2 mask. Very smooth and comfortable on the skin and although it is tight fitted, it doesn't leave a red mask mark around my mouth and cheek area after using it. I would highly recomend giving these mask a go over the imported ones.

Sherry from SA

The disposable respirator face masks are real easy to store and since they are individually packaged in airtight packaging, I keep a few in the car, few in the emergency kit at home, a couple in my handbag and some in my draw at work. The test for me came was how it would compare to the other mask I've tried with long-term wear. Firstly, its design gives you space to breathe and although tight fitted, it doesn't push against your face. Wearing a mask is never going to be as comfortable as not wearing one, but all in all, if I was to wear one, this would be my choice.

Bianca from WA

Price is very reasonable for a P2 /N95 mask. The 99.66% filtering capabilities that it claims is very reassuring to know. I got a box of N95 mask made in the USA and it cost me $200 for 50. I supply them to all my staff in my resturatnt so the cost adds up and every dollar counts.

Vickie from NSW

I had alot of problems with previous mask that I've used where my glasses will constantly fog up from my breath. This is extremely annoying especially if you work as a electrician where you need full visibility at all times during the job. Since this provides the complete seal, I no longer have the foggy glasses problems. I recommended these mask for my company so hopefully they'll end up getting a few boxes and start supplying them to their technicians.

Mike from NSW Sydney

I've tried so many mask but none provided me with the proper fit. The 3 panel design of this AMD mask is just the right size to fit and seure around my face. No gaps and so comfortable to wear. Still a little too big for my 6 year old, but a perfect fit for me.

Jodie from NSW

Suprised how light and breathable the mask is. It's very soft on the skin and leaves no marks or irritation. The plastic sleeve that it's packed in provides me with easy carry. The white colour is universal and looks good.

Naomi from VIC

Super light, super soft and super fit. It doesn't move around the face when I talk and offers supreme comfort and safety. I feel much safer sitting on the train knowing if someone is infected on the carraige, I'll be securely protected. I'm not going to compromise on my health and the health of my family, that's why I choose to go for the best that Australia has to offer.

Chloe from SA

It's not over until it's over. Until the majority of the population is immunised, I try to do the right thing and put on a mask when I can. Also the P2 mask is great for bush fire debri and smoke. The high level filtration keeps the germs away.

Jacqueline from QLD

I've been looking for an Australian made mask that is also TGA tested and my search is over. This is the only P2 mask in Australia with TGA certification. Gives me the confidence that this is the best of the best. Love the design. Looks kinda cool and fashionable.

Sasha from NSW Sydney

Been wanting to get my hands on one of these mask for some time now. I was first introduced to the mask when a group of builders came to my home to do some work on the house wearing it. The builders used it as a mask for saw dust, debris and mold. I was impressed by how well it looked and finally decided to get myself a box. It feels very good and would recommend it to anyone concerned with flu germs and viruses.

Marsha from WA

I'm a health care worker spending 8 - 12 hours a day in the clinic. It's difficult wearing a mask for a whole day. I've tried everything from surgicals (which slips around my face when I talk) to N95s and this is the AMD P2s is the only mask I've come across with prolong use where I don't develop a rash around my face. It still feels uncomfortable after a few hours and I need to take off to give my face a breather but still comfortable in comparison.

Hilda from NSW

Knowing this new Delta strain is lurking around Australia makes me feel a little uneasy when leaving my home. Feel much better with the AMD on and get the sense you're actually being protected. Won't leave home without it.

Felicity from NSW

After watching the Olympics and seeing our Australian atheletes wear this mask on TV, I had to get my hands on one. They look so cool. After searching online, I found out it's the AMD mask. Got myself a box and having it on makes me feel like a superstar. If it keeps me safe, then I've won gold!!!

Bernard from VIC



100% Australian Made P2 Face Respirator Mask approved and recommended by the Australian health regulators and health authorities. Standard - (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012)

Innovative sleek modern design. The P2 respiratory protective mask provides protection to the wearer from airborne contaminants, dust, virus, bacteria, as well as infectious liquid materials such as blood and fluids. The P2 mask forms a secure seal over the mouth and nose to achieve efficient filtration of airborne particles.

The lightweight, highly breathable, latex free design minimizes irritation and makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. The improved 3 panel design looks much more aesthetically pleasing and allows for a better fit-seal reducing loose gaps and increasing effectiveness.

The main difference - A P2 Respirator protects the wearer and surrounding environment. A surgical mask on the other hand is a loose-fitting device that creates a physical protective barrier which is intended to protect others, not the wearer, from saliva and respiratory secretions. Unlike a P2 Respirator Mask, a surgical mask has no seal around the face allowing airborne particles to enter from loose gaps.

Disposable respirator mask, are subject to various regulatory standards around the world. These standards specify certain required physical properties and performance characteristics in order for respirators to claim compliance. During a pandemic, health authorities will often use the following performance standards when making respirator recommendations,

* P2 (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZA 1716:2012) Respiratory protective devices describes three classes of particulate filter, Class P1, P2 and P3. The P2 respirator is equivalent to the USA standard N95 and endorsed by the Australian government for public use during the corona virus pandemic.
* N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84)
* FFP2 (Europe EN 149-2001)
* KN95 (China GB2626-2006)
* Korea 1st class (Korea KMOEL - 2017-64)
* DS2 (Japan JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018)

Our 100% Australian made P2 certified face mask has gone through the rigorous testing and compliance framework so that you have the peace of mind of knowing you are wearing a mask of the highest quality and standard.

- CE Certified
CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area Certified FFP2 (EN 149:2001)

- BSI Benchmark Certifified
The Benchmark Certification recognises that a supplier of goods has in place a management system that meets the requirements of Benchmark standards, which were established to give customers confidence.

- JAS-ANZ Certified
The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) helps to provide accreditation for products and services. P2 (Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 1716:2012)

- International Medical Device Certified
Our quality management system is certified to ISO 13485 international medical device standards ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our mask.

Social distancing is still the number 1 option, but if you are in a place or situation which does not allow you to social distance, then the P2 face mask will provide you and your family with the added protection during these sensitive pandemic times.

To keep the caseload low, both Professor Blakely and Professor McLaws recommended widespread use of masks during this delicate time in NSW.

Australian Professor McLaws, who is a member of the World Health Organization experts advisory panel for its COVID-19 response and an infection-control expert, said mask use was effective in stopping the virus from spreading and stopping untraceable community transmission cases.

It only takes 1 unknown infected persion to infect 2, then 4 who infect 8, 16, 32 and the next thing you know, it spreads like wide fire and it's out of control.

Symptoms are slow to appear and for those cases that are only mild or asymptomatic, they could potentially be silently spreading the conronavirus into the community. Hence the importance of mask use and testing to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a world of uncertainty, it's good news knowing we have a bit of certainty with a mask that will actually work and provide the safety for my family and I.
Being 100% Australian made, the importing cost we save is passed directly to you our customers.

AMD Australian made P2 CERTIFIED Respirator Face Mask 4 Layer 50 box
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AMD Australian made P2 Certified Respirator Face Mask - 3 Layer (Single) Temporarily Out of Stock
100% Australian Made P2 Face Respirator Mask approved and recommended by the Australian health regulators and health aut............ more
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