What is Your Purpose – Find Your True Desire and Passion in Life

What is Your Purpose - Find Your True Desire and Passion in Life

What is Your Purpose – Find Your True Desire and Passion in Life

What is your purpose in life? Until you take a look inside yourself and discover your life’s true purpose, you will walk through life aimlessly without ever arriving at your destination.

Sadly, you may go though life without ever knowing what their purpose is. You may work for the sake of working, commit into a relationship for the hope of receiving love, have children because it is the right thing to do.

You may say to yourself, I’m quite happy living aimlessly. But are you really happy? Don’t lie to yourself – Well I wouldn’t even call it lying, because most of us don’t even know of what makes us happy and fulfilled. Be true to your feelings and your desires. Your soul already knows what your true desires are, and it’s those things that give you the joy and freedom you seek.

Article contributed by Sasha Medovelic.


To help you find your purpose, Ask yourself these questions
1. If you have only 30 days to live, what would you do
2. If money is no longer an issue in your life, what would you do for free today.
3. What did you find most enjoyable doing when you were a child
4. What puts a smile on your face

Don’t worry if you don’t have a purpose. Answers will not come immediately. Simply asking those questions in a calm state of mind will help push you towards the decisions and choices that give you a sense of purpose and meaning.

Cast away your fears. Fear is often just an illusion which limits us from finding our purpose. So when you take away the boundaries that society has used to brainwash us with, you have a fearless mind that has been set free, ready to taste the beauty that life has to offer.

The only way to get excitement and purpose in life is to step into the unknown. You can’t do that unless you have the courage to say, it doesn’t matter what happens. Certainty makes you a prisoner of the past.

Find some quiet time of solitude to discover your purpose.
We are constantly bombarded with so many distractions – relationships, looking good, dress nice, earn money, pay the rent, put food on the table, dating, chasing after someone, sex, material wealth, fame, fortune… and much much more.

Find some quiet time to seek your inner soul. If the intention is there to seek your purpose will one day come to you automatically and effortlessly.

Purpose and Love
Love is an uncontrollable emotion that has no limits and no ends and like the wind that kisses our cheeks or the waves that crashes our shores, it works harmoniously with nature effortlessly pushing beyond any boundaries to achieve its natural purpose. The wind does not think of the consequence when it blows down the roof of a house. It flows naturally and effortlessly.

Love is wild and free! Without a guiding force, it can even become reckless. Your purpose in life this there to utilize and guide this reckless energy to navigate your ship to the direction of your ultimate destination.

Using relationships as an example, I’m sure you and many others can relate to some bitter disappointment in a past relationship with your partner. Whether the disappointment is from being rejected chasing your lover, breaking up in a relationship, a divorce in marriage, or losing someone you love, it can be a very painful experience to encounter.

Your purpose can help enrich you with a fearless power to attract the love of your life and also give you the wisdom to know the difference between love and lust, so you don’t dive head first into any relationship. Your purpose will give you the courage to let go, when you discover that your partner does not serve you in the interest of your purpose and likewise if you are not serving in the best interest of your partners purpose. There are too many lovers out there that become so attached to their relationship that they become ultimately swamp. The chemistry must be mutual. You can’t make someone love you. You must be on the same channel.


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3 thoughts on “What is Your Purpose – Find Your True Desire and Passion in Life

  1. King of the Hill

    Wow. didn’t expect to read such a deep article in a beauty forum. I agree with most points from the author. Especially about fear. We are all bound by fear. Sad. Fear of losing fear of being rejected.

    Live without fear. Easy to say, hard to do!

  2. Koga

    I also agree with the comment above of how accurate the information was as well as strangely touching. It’s very agreeable that life would be more worthy lived without fear. (Since I’m young I’m glad I understood all the words of the text!) I’m honestly forever chasing after my purpose however I partly believe It’s already found yet I need to disscover it in writing I suppose. Literally, I nightly research online Zodiacs, Astrology, Numerology and other cases of purpose involvment. If theirs one thing I love most of all other than my passion for beloved family as such is that remarkable feeling where you’re doing someone that seems endless at the moment not forgetting how it puts you in such a joyful mood nothing can change your mind into negative thoughts. I feel it when I think about it but I just need to get off the internet in search of that emotion inside to find it in writing and make the moment last as long as possible. At such a young age I am deeply suprised of acknowledging such
    information unaware of most people at my tender age within young adulthood. Exscuse me from babbling on and pardon for my spelling errors. Hope this actually interested you in the slightest!

  3. Koga

    Another attempted comment I would like to admit is how It really distresses me how theres always advertisements for beauty products when who are they to judge beauty? This has a deep distraction of peoples happiness which makes me pity them more. Whoever is reading this please inform yourself not to change yourself for anyone, I know it is hard facing the folks utter their opinion to you which makes you feel at a lower standard but put it this way:
    Everyone finds aliens revolting when it comes to dating standards, well that’s only because their differant. Everyone is unique which is why their is no one in right to say what is good, what is bad, what is attractive, what is hideous. Keep it to yourself people because it really upsets some people =( !


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