Turn Your Unwanted Soap Bars Into Liquid Soap

Turn Your Unwanted Soap Bars Into Liquid Soap

Turn Your Unwanted Soap Bars Into Liquid Soap

Save money and turn all those unwanted Soap Bars Into Liquid Soap

You know all those little left over soap bars in the shower or on the bath room sink that are too small to use. They either get flushed down the sink, or gets combined with a new bigger soap bar, or it just disappears into thin air.

But what if you can turn all these little bits and pieces into one big bottle of liquid soap. Wouldn’t that be economical. Well, you can and in this article, I’ll show you exact how you can achieve this.


First you need to boil about 500ml to 1 litre of distilled water. When the water is boiled, you cut the soap into chunks and add it with the hot water. Alternatively, you can grate the little soap bars into the water. The soaps should dissolve with the boiling water and a thicker consistency should be achieved.

Continue heating the mixture at a lower temperature and add more soap or water as needed keeping in mind that you are trying to create a liquid soap that can be pumped out of a dispenser. Also know that when the water is hot and boiling, the product will be thinner than when it is cooled. When you feel you’ve achieved the right consistency turn off the heat and stick an electric mixing wand in there to give it a final thorough mix. Wait for it to cool (normally a few hours) and come back to see if it is too thick for your liking. If so, then turn up the heat again and add more water and mix again until you’re satisfied.

If you want to spice up your liquid soap a little, you can play around with your mixture by adding other ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances or herbs. If you do decide to add herbs that are green and leafy, I suggest you boil the herbs first – then filter the herbs out before adding the chunks of soap. This way, you get all the medicinal herbal goodies from the greens without having a big leaf floating in your soap.

When your liquid soap is cooled and the consistency is runny, you are then ready to pop it into your favorite soap dispenser and make your first squirt. Your first pump from your very own homemade liquid soap will be like washing your hands for the first time. A truly new and priceless experience!

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