Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

Posted by Sam | Celebrity Skin Care | Tuesday 14 July 2009 10:40 pm
I’m sure when we talk about celebrities with the most beautiful lips, automatically a few names will pop up in your mind. Please don’t hate me if your favorite celebrity doesn’t make the list. There are only 10 spots, and competition is fierce.

Find out below which celebrity will take the honor for possessing the most stunning gorgeous lips in Hollywood….. Lips to Die For.

top 10 most gorgeous celebrity lips in hollywood Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips

organic skin care products Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

10.Marilyn Monroe Lets kick things off at number 10 with American sex idol Marilyn Monroe. What gives Marilyn her sex appeal? Well everything about her is sex appeal and her lips sure consolidates her femininity.

marilyn monroe Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

10. Marilyn Monroe - The complete Beauty Package

9. Monica Bellucci Her attractive lips matched with her extravagant beauty making her simply irresistible. I’m sure there is not a guy on this planet that doesn’t want to give Monica a good long kiss.

monica bellucci Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

9. Monica Bellucci shows Overflowing with Sex Appeal

angelina jolie Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

8. Angelina Jolie with Arguably the Sexiest Lips on the Planet

8. Angelina Jolie Am I the only one with a top ten list for sexy lips that didn’t put Angelina in the top 3. Well I really don’t find her lips all that attractive. SEXY? YES……. Shapely & Full? MOST DEFINITELY…… But the most stunning, striking and attractive? NOT MY CUP OF TEA. I know she has the most asked for feature (the lips) at the plastic surgeons and she is a big fan favorite! But if you continue reading on, you’ll understand why I put her at number 8. She is still one of my favorite female celebrities, but just not the the celebrity with the most gorgeous lips.

kristin davis Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

7. Kristin Davis - Just Kiss Me

7. Kristin Davis Sex and The City Star Kristin Davis just got a whole lot sexier coming up in 7th place for the most gorgeous lips. Very well proportioned and matched very well with the bridge of her nose and her eyes. A very attractive smile that allows her to get what she wants when she wants (guys can’t say no to that smile).

drew barrymore Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

6. Drew Barrymore Has the Sweetest Lips Ever

6. Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore I have to say has the sweetest Lips and smile EVER. Her lips is absolutely covered with candy. Her smile can light up any place and any room. Drew, you are so sweet, so lovely and so beautiful

liv tyler Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

5. Liv Tyler Lips to Die For

5. Liv Tyler You talk about elegant lips, you’ve got it right here with Liv Tyler. The shape of her lips is very striking with a full lower lip and a perfectly shaped upper lip. Liv has a smile to die for.

scarlett johansson Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

4. Scarlett Johansson Differentiating herself

4. Scarlett Johansson Scarlett really sets herself from the rest of the Hollywood pack with those eye-catching lips and her cute shy smile. Her smile brings out a certain charisma that that screams elegant and intelligence. (Not the stereotype Hollywood blond bimbo look).

elizabeth taylor Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

3. Elizabeth Taylor With the Perfect Features

3. Elizabeth Tylor Her lips are obviously stunning. But just talking about her lips doesn’t do justice to her. Everything about her features works in complete harmony. The perfectly shaped lips balanced with the perfect wide set eyes and high arched nose gives Liz such a glamorous attractive beauty to die for.

jessica alba Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

2. Jessica Alba Exotic Lips

2. Jessica Alba The most kissable lips ever. You just want to have a feast with those plumped full lips. Sexy lips is a understatement. Her lips bring out a certain playfulness, sparkle and intense energy within her. Her lips finds a good balance within her overall features which doesn’t make it overpowering but instead, very gentle and calm.

ava gardner Top 10 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Lips in Hollywood

1. Ava Gardner Gorgeous Sexy Lips

1. Ava Gardner And for the most beautiful Lips in Hollywood……. The honor goes to the lovely Ava Gardner. For you younger ones that don’t have a clue who this sexy beauty is. Well it’s time you did some research for this glamorous sexy celebrity idol of the 50s. Her lips are so elegant, enticing, alluring, stunning and gorgeous that even the late Frank Sinatra had to have. Lips to Die For…. Ava Gardner.

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  1. Comment by Natural Organic Girl — July 15, 2009 @ 12:55 am

    Elizabeth Taylor was very beautiful when she was young. My top 3 is

    1. Elizabeth Taylor
    2. Jessica Alba
    3. Drew Barrymore

    Good top 10

  2. Comment by Yerf — July 15, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

    Nice post! VERY NICE.
    My top three picks were:
    Belucci @3 Tyler @2 and Alba @1.
    just dropping by.

  3. Comment by anna — June 12, 2011 @ 8:08 am

    my top 10 is
    1 monnica
    2 elizbeth
    3 scarlet
    4 jessica
    5 ava
    6 drew
    7 kristine
    8 anglina

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