Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

top 10 most beautiful celebrity legs Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

Top 10 most Beautiful Celebrity Legs.

What are we looking for when we are trying to classify which Hollywood celebrity has the most beautiful attractive legs?

Few things come to mind. The Shape, tone, skin tone, blemishes, bruises, rough patches, radiance, smoothness, length……

Is that all? Absolutely not! A pair of beautiful legs must be well proportioned in relation to the rest of the body. The legs should talk to us in a flirty seductive manner. The legs should help bring out all the positive features of the person. Celebrity fashion also plays a vital role. There is a fine line between being slutty or glamorous.

Forgive us if we’ve left some hot leg celebrity out of the list. It’s one of the hardest top 10 list we’ve had to do and we were all hitting our head against the wall with this one.

So here we go. ‘Kicking’ us off at number 10…..


10.Natalie Portman

Natalie is no longer the little girl from ‘Star Wars’. She belongs with the big girls of Hollywood now. What do big Hollywood girls with beautiful legs do? They show it off to the world.

You’ve done well Natalie. Strut your stuff girlfriend!

natalie portman3 Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

10. Natalie Portman

9. Victoria Beckham

Now I know why David Beckham is still coming home to Victoria every night. These elegant ‘posh’ legs, sends a hypnotizing effect to any guy, turning playboys into loyal teddy bears. Those legs say to David “Come home, come home David”.

victoria beckham Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

9. Victoria Beckham

8. Jessica Alba

I’m no lesbian, but I’m really tempted to run my hands through Jessica Alba’s legs just so I can experience for myself how smooth and silky they are. Do you think she will let me?

jessica alba3 Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

8. Jessica Alba

7. Cameron Diaz

These beautiful sexy legs catapulted Cameron Diaz to stardom when she starred in the blockbuster movie ‘The Mask’. I remember watching her in a mini white dress as she waltzed her way through the cinema screens. Seeing those silky smooth legs was jaw dropping….. and that’s exactly what Jim Carrey did, his jaw dropped to the floor. Not enough of Cameron’s legs? Watch her doing splits and kicking bad guys in Charlie’s Angels.

cameron diaz Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

7. Cameron Diaz

6. Heidi Klum

Not the most slender of legs for cat walk models, but let me tell you, she looks the healthiest of them all. That’s what I love about Heidi, she can carry any look…… the sporty look, the elegant look, the sexy look and even the innocent house wife look.

heidi klum Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

6. Heidi Klum

5. Paris Hilton
Paris needs no introduction. We all know Ms Hilton from her famous award winning home movie ‘How to Spread Your Legs’. For me, I’d like them closed thank you.

She’s gotten a bit of a slutty reputation from those home movies. But I don’t see her that way. I see her as a sweet innocent country girl. She’s always strutting around in a one piece mini skirt and I love it. She has the most attractive and most gorgeous legs in Hollywood.  Paris is sure to be inducted into Hollywood’s Celebrity Sexy legs hall of fame.

paris hilton2 Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

10. Paris Hilton

4. Uma Thurman

Uma was kicking some serious butts with those long shapely legs in ‘Kill Bill’. Skirts, shorts, jeans……. her legs are real fine. She’s a real stand out from the crowd.

uma thurman Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

4. Uma Thurman

3. Maria Sharapova

Guy’s drool all over her on the tennis court. I can understand why. Maria has become somewhat of a sex icon in the tennis world. With those well toned and beautifully tanned tennis legs, even the ball boy (from the picture below) can’t take his eyes off those honey toned legs. I think I need to take up tennis!

maria sharapova Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

2. Megan Fox

This girl is a real foxy lady! Look at how she’s carrying herself in this red dress. Absolutely classy and glamorous. A magnificent work of art that belongs in a museum. I’m sure this ‘transformer’ girl is ‘more than meets the eye’

megan fox Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

2. Megan Fox

1. Erin Wasson

Even if I exercise my legs day and night for the next year, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the perfectly shaped legs of Erin Wasson. Her legs are so beautifully shaped and so well proportioned. Along with the healthy skin tone, the naturally looking tan, and the silky smooth radiance make Erin Wasson the celebrity with the most beautiful legs in Hollywood.

I think all the guys will run for the hills if I strolled along in this daring dress!

erin wasson Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

1. Erin Wasson


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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Legs

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  2. fanboy

    Agree with this list 90%. Maria Sharapova should be #1. I watch tennis just because of her. Incredible sexy legs.

    Great list, humorous comments and commentary. Well done.

  3. Christian Lee

    i love the bobcat hair-do of Victoria Beckham, kind of reminds me of the Spice Girls era..*,

  4. beautifulsexylegs

    I do agree with most of them but you missed out Rihanna ,because she even won the ‘venus legs of a goddes’ award. Plus I think Erin wasson’s legs are too skinny not sexy.


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