The Rise of Organic Makeup

The Rise of Organic Makeup

The Rise of Organic Makeup

More and more people are making the switch to organic makeup. Organic makeup is now not the “alternative”, but the “norm”. With this growing consumer demand, the drive for cosmetic companies to make better organic cosmetic products automatically follows.

This push and drive means that we are now seeing colours in organic makeup which we could not have dreamed of 5 years ago. The advancement with organic skin and makeup technology means that velvety textures, staying power, coverage and colours can now be achieved to create a perfect finish that can be as natural and glamorous as you want. Best of all, organic makeup are suitable for all skin types and especially perfect for people with acne, rosacea or sensitive skin.

Here are some of the benefits you will get from using organic makeup;


1. No use of mineral oils, fillers, or talc means it will not clog your pores and cause breakouts or allergies.

2. Nutrition for your skin – Organic makeup are packed with vitamins, essential oils, and natural minerals that is food for your skin. It is rich in antioxidant to provide your skin with an anti-inflammatory effect to help even out skin tone.

3. Most of the lip stick we put on our lips gets ingested into our bodies. So it is important to find a lipstick that is good enough to eat. Look for an organic lipstick with a castor oil base combineed with soothing safflower beeswax and vitamin E for antioxidant and nourishing properties for smooth lips.

4. Strengthen lashes – Research have shown that continuous use of chemical mascaras will cause the eye lashes to become brittle. Organic based mascaras on the other hand will contain ingredients such as nettle and horsetail herb to nourish and condition the lashes to build a full dramatic look.

5. Get the natural flawless look – Organic Foundations will contain ingredients like chamomile and rose absolute or jojoba oil to provide your skin with a full coverage finish. To achieve a glowing effect, some products will contain natural illuminators called micas that reflect light and reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

Word of Caution
As more and more people are making the switch to mineral and organic makeup, we are getting a greater selection of organic and mineral brands and products to choose from.

Due to poor regulation with the makeup industry, potentially harmful chemicals such as parabens, propylene Glycol, artificial coal dyes, synthetic wax, and mineral oils may still be found in some makeup products CLAIMING TO BE ORGANIC OR MINERAL. Sad really!

Products should disclose the ingredients used on the packaging, so make sure you read the ingredients list before purchase. In general, a good organic makeup should use naturally sourced organic ingredients such as natural Beeswax, castor oil, safflower, sweet almond oil, Rose absolute, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and selected vitamins such as A, E and C Known for their restorative and soothing properties. Other ingredients used as emulsifiers and for consistency agents are items such as natural and clays, mica, corn starch, organic oils, minerals, waxes, flower essences, or mica and arguably better than their man made counterparts. For example a truly organic lipstick should be made of beeswax or vegetarian waxes, such as carnauba or candellia, and natural vegetable colors or carmine. Stay clear of synthetic waxes.

Two great organic makeup brands which are Truly organic includes Nvey Eco & Dr Hauschka which are certified by Ecocert and BDIH respectively. They have a good selection of colours and all products are toxic free, derived from mineral pigments and organic plants extracts which are rich in vitamins, essentail oils and minerals to nourish your skin.


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