Supermodel Miranda Kerr Launches Her New Organic Skin Care Line

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Launches Her New Organic Skin Care Line

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Launches Her New Organic Skin Care Line

Supermodels just can’t stay still…. especially for this little Australian Angel Miranda Kerr. Miranda will be launching her new organic skin care line in the middle of this month known as KORA – named after a type of meditation from Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Her entrepreneurial juices has been flowing strongly through her body as she’s been very hands on with the brand’s creation and development. Putting her stamp of approval on each of the products, it has been reported that Miranda has been involved with the name selection, packaging design and even the development of the skin care formulas.


The initial launch will be in Australia and products can be purchased from mid – late October at selected David Jones stores. You can be sure that if it does well, it will be heading off to the States.

Now…with so many organic beauty brands to choose from, it’s going to be a tough road ahead gaining a piece of the organic pie. Miranda’s stardom and fame will definitely help with the initial launch of Kora. But no matter how big your name is, if the products don’t live up to the hype, no fancy packaging or catchy slogans is going to make this brand last.

Miranda has had quite a smooth run into fame at such a young age. Lets hope she holds it up and continue her success. Actually, I’m confident this little Super-Angel will embrace her wings and fly to even greater heights.

All The Best with the Launch Miranda.


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4 thoughts on “Supermodel Miranda Kerr Launches Her New Organic Skin Care Line

  1. Sandra

    Miranda is a liar. Her skincare line is NOT 100% organic. One of the listed ingredients in her products is benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol causes cancer and reproductive toxicity. How can this woman claim to be into health and then turn around and market a toxic product that causes disease? As usual it all comes down to the money. Miranda doesn’t care if she gives you a disease as long as she rakes in the dough. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you do your research on the ingredients listed in her products. It’s a shame that greed turns people into monsters. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

    What you can do is save yourself a ton of money and simply buy a jar of organic extra-virgin coconut oil. I use this on my skin, hair and body and it works wonders. A jar will set you back only $8 and will last you well over a year!

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