Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

suki skin care product reviews Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

At the heart of Suki skin care products is a nutrient-filled organic base unmatched in the industry.

Suki carefully crafted a complete line of natural skin care products without the nasty toxic ingredients and using plants, flowers and fruit extracts along with advance science to formulate Earth-based ingredients that make positive changes in the skin.

Suki contains cutting edge scientifically proven advanced skin care solutions based upon the physiological equilibrium of natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients immersed in completely pure & organic bases.

Their formulas are made from 100% high performance natural, organic, biodynamic & food grade ingredients, they are compatible to work in unison with the body’s natural biological processes.

Skin care that’s good enough to eat. I’ve actually tried the Suki Exfoliate Cleanser, and must admit, it tasted pretty good. So lets kick off this review with Suki’s ever so popular Exfoliate foaming cleanser.


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser What a perfect place to start a Suki review. Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is one of Suki’s star products. Great for acne, great for removing makeup, great for gentle exfoliation and an overall great cleanser.

The word foaming can be misleading. This product doesn’t exactly foam up with bubbles, but instead the natural sugars along with water provides a mild lathering effect to assist in the removal of debris and oil deep within the pores.

The lemon grass ingredient kills off pimple causing bacteria and is great for people with acne prone skin. Add to that the mild exfoliating effect of the sugar beads ensures that your pores are clear and your skin is super smooth.

Highly recommend for those with oily acne prone skin.

Tips: The beauty of this product is the ability to control the exfoliating effect. By mixing the product with water, you can completely dissolve the sugar beads in your hands before applying to the face. This way if you don’t want any exfoliating effect, you can use it as a velvety cleanser.

suki002med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Suki Balancing Day Lotion

One of my favorites is the Suki Balancing Day Lotion. It smells great as do all the Suki products, it is light weight, and yet it is ultra hydrating to my skin. It has a smooth consistency and my skin drinks it right in.

It is suitable for all skin types especially if you have sensitive skin. It is fabulous for use as a daily lotion so plane on the skin after cleansing and toning and works extremely well as an under makeup moisturiser. Never greasy. Only hydrating

suki100med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Balancing Day Lotion

Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner
I have acne prone, sensitive skin. I’m oily in summer and normal/dry in winter. The Suki balancing toner is super concentrated, so you really only need 1 – 2 sprays of the product to work for your entire face and neck. A little goes a long way.

The ultimate trio of the Suki Exfoliate foaming cleanser, the balancing day lotion and this concentrated balancing toner will help you seeing real results within a week.
Suki Pure Facial Moisture – Balancing

Applying oil for oily skin. That just doesn’t make sense!

But it does make sense. When you over strip your skin of natural oils, you sebecous glands work overdrive to produce more oil for the skin to achieve the proper ph level.

This oil actually helps balance out the oil in your skin. It tells your oil producing glands that…. Hey the skin has enough moisture and you need to stop producing so much oil.

After application, your skin feels nice and hydrated (not oily or dry).

Don’t worry too much about the effect of the oil on your skin. This is specially formulated and is ultra light and nourishing and with repeated usage, your skin will become more balanced as a result.

Tips: Remember 3 – 4 drops is all that is required. Never apply too much of this product. Allow 1 – 2 weeks for your skin to adjust. Don’t freak out too much in the first few days if your skin breaks out a little bit more than usual.

Suki Intensive Brightening Nourishing Cream

This cream is a great treatment product. It softens discoloration and pigmentations, luminates skin tone, helps fade sunspots, and assist in brightening your skin’s complexion.

An A+ product that really works

Tips: I use this as an eye cream and it works great with dark circles and fine lines.

Suki Eye Repair Balm

Suki’s Eye Repair Balm contains chamomile which deflates under eye puffiness, rose hip oil which has been proven highly effective at repairing the skin and promoting healing and it contains both shea butter & cocoa butter which are two of the best moisturizers on the planet.

This eye balm is so concentrated. I only need a dab of this product for both my eyes and absorbs quite without unwanted residues. It’s mild and natural formulation is gentle to my skin without causing any stinging or irritation.

Suki Velvet Moisturising Cream

My skin falls into the combination category and tends to be a little oily and sensitive.This product glides onto my skin and goes on light and smooth like most of the Suki range.

I love the soft velvety skin texture this cream brings and the amazing thing is its ability to reduce my skin redness.

I applied this product over a small rash and it cleared it up the following morning.

Love it! It absorbs quickly and moisturizes like nothing else!! Doesn’t feel greasy after it absorbs and you only need a tiny bit!!

This moisturizer is ligt, but very soothing and quenching to dry and blemished skin

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Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner

suki120med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Pure Facial Moisture - Balancing

suki190med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Intensive Brightening Nourishing Cream

suki009med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Eye Repair Balm

suki001med Suki Skin Care Product Reviews

Suki Velvet Moisturising Cream

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