Suki – Founder of One of the World’s Best Organic Skin Care Lines

Suki - Founder of One of the World's Best Organic Skin Care Lines

Suki – Founder of One of the World’s Best Organic Skin Care Lines

Meet Suki Kramer, organic skin care genius.

After years of collaboration with cosmetic chemists & traditional herbalists, Suki Kramer’s vision to create – 100% pure, organic products, integrated with cutting-edge scientific actives in innovative safe & effective authentic treatments came to life – advanced. organic. science.™

Her motto – “Know your beauty” – means to fully & completely accept & respect ourselves in our entirety. it means having honest, complete information, so we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to make the right decisions & find the right solutions in what we consume & absorb both inside & out.

Find out in the following interview how her ambitious dreams of creating a pure organic skin care line became a true reality. Find out why Suki products are so popular especially for people with sensitive skin.


Jen: Please introduce yourself, Suki. What lead you into starting your own skincare and cosmetic company?

Suki: Hi there!

Well, I had throughout my life struggled with skin sensitivities, allergies and chronic eczema and was driven by the frustration of trying everything – endless commercial and pharmaceutical skin treatments and cosmetics. what I was looking for just didn’t exist – I wanted a product that was 100% clean and pure but that actually worked but since I am a product person, the product had to be high end, sensual, beautiful…make me feel great. They had to smell amazing but not overwhelmingly perfumey.

So I started suki – my skincare line. Of course I have also looked for the same kind of uniqueness in makeup. I wanted all creams because for me, powders are less than ideal for many reasons—they tend to sit on top the skin looking like make up not like my skin but enhanced, powder tends to settle into fine lines and pores and powder is messy. creams allow me as a formulator incorporate active skin care ingredients to actually create makeup that functions like skincare. and the palette is so adaptable to all skin types. I wanted the full range – shimmers that hit the light beautifully but didn’t overwhelm like glitter to mattes that also felt full and lush. And of course, all in bases that never irritated my skin or my system. So I launched sukicolor both lines born out of my own desires and needs.

Jen: What is your typical day like?

Suki: Pretty crazy from the time I wake up. Lately I’m listening to Christmas music which cheers me up right away.
I go from project to project very hurriedly with no breaks. I am redesigning the skincare brand, refining it, tweaking it a bit for an early ’08 re-launch which is a huge and nerve racking undertaking especially after this color line launch but exciting. We are constantly growing and transitioning so we never sit in one comfortable place for any length of time, not even a day it seems. It’s a constant adjustment of personnel, energy, time and vision.

I’m now trying to set a plan so that we have a clear vision for the coming year and my staff can really take over and make decisions without me. They are truly an amazing group – so incredibly dedicated and hardworking. I think we all believe in what we are doing more than just as a job especially because we all get to see so many amazing letters of thanks and such touching notes from clients going through hard times who have been helped by the line. That really makes it all so rewarding. I never expected that when I started this.

Jen: What were the turning points in your life?

Suki: Changing high schools from a mainstream one to an alternative, performing arts high school, finally during that time meeting a group of people I really felt I belonged with, moving here to Massachusetts from Chicago at 18, putting myself through college and completing that, starting my business and just never giving up.

I’ve been in various stages of insecurity each step of the way but much stronger at every age. I started to feel differently about myself around my 40th birthday and I was so happy to be turning 40…less caring of what other people thought of me, more confident, happier with myself. This business and all the good and difficulties that goes with it has been a great gift for me. Has made me a much stronger person than I even was but it is tough – and there have been many turning points along the way just in the past few years. I think I’m basically the same scared self critical girl inside always but less so now. Maybe at 80 I’ll completely shake it off. Lol

Jen: Who were your childhood heroes? Who are your heroes now?

Suki: Dancers – performers – Judy Garland, Shirley Maclaine, Gene Kelly, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Fred Astaire – now – people with courage and people who think critically about themselves and the world.

Jen: Ah-ha! Now I have deduced that you are a singer, a dancer, and an actress! Performing Arts High School? Pretty impressive Suki!
So, back on track here… What is the biggest mistake women make with their beauty regimen? How could they go about changing that?

Suki: Believing magazine “reporting” on how to care for skin or what is healthy-because they don’t realize it’s all about the advertisers, the trends, what’s “hot” this month or season and not really about truth or education, slathering themselves with sunscreen if the only sun they are ever getting is driving to work, being impatient for results.

Be critical and cynical. Those aren’t negative terms. Those are characteristics of intelligence. Especially in this day and age.

Jen: What would be your 3 could not survive without “desert island” beauty items?

Suki: Well, basic survival mode: I gotta say castile soap, ethyl alcohol and some kind of oil – probably coconut or cocoa butter.
Spa island? Lemongrass cleanser, white willow toner, and lip repair butter.

Thanks to myth buster beauty for providing this wonderful informative and education interview.


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