Show Your Hands the Tender Loving Care it Deserves

Show Your Hands the Tender Loving Care it Deserves

Show Your Hands the Tender Loving Care it Deserves

Your hands take on quite a beating. They’re often exposed to water, harsh detergents, nasty chemicals, damaging UV rays, and endless vigorous labor work. And yet, your hands often receive the least protection from the all of these destructive dynamics.

Through time, the wear and tear will become evident. Hands begin to wrinkle, age spots rapidly appears, nails become brittle, skin texture becomes dry and chapped, and skin begin to flake off. Take the time to care for your hands today. For softer hands try the following hand care tips:


1. Protect your hands with rubber gloves with cotton interior lining when in contact with harsh detergents or chemicals ( eg. When performing household chores such as washing dishes, doing the laundry and household cleaning)

2. Moisturize often. The key here is to have a hand cream handy where ever you go. Have one in the Kitchen, the bathroom, next to your desk, in your handbag, in your office, in the car etc. Preferably have your hand cream in a pump dispenser (except for your handbag) making it as convenient as possible to apply and reapply throughout the day.  For a very effective nail cream at a very affordable price at $9.50, try Sukin’s Hand and nail cream.

3. Slop on some sunscreen. The age spots that becomes evident as we age is caused mostly by the constant exposure to the sun’s damaging UV radiation. Apply a good layer of sunscreen evenly around your hands when stepping out into the sun. This will help to prevent many of the brown spots on the hands as we age. Try Soleo’s Organic Sunscreen

4. For smooth soft hands, exfoliation is a must.  ideally you should be exfoliating your hands at least once a week. There are specific hand exfoliators and scrubs in the market, but in general, the scrub you use for your body will be just as effective for your hands.

5. Don’t forget your nails. Use a natural cuticle cream to soften and fortify your nails. Regular use will make your cuticles and nails stronger, cleaner and healthier. Try Burt’s Bees or Badger Balm’s cuticle cream

6. If you have it in your budget, treat yourself to a weekly manicure. I personally love a manicure for the beautiful and attractive nails I get, and also the stress relieving benefits of having my hands massaged.

7. During the dry winter months, wear a pair of leather gloves when out and about. This will protect your hands from the environmental conditions.

8. Do not use too much nail polish or nail polish remover. The drying effects from the polish remover is quite damaging to your nails. After using a polish remover, remember to follow it up with a cuticle cream to bring the moisture back.

9. Soak your hands for 5 minutes in rice water and use the rice as a scrub for your hands.

Show your hands the tender loving care today!

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