Organic Makeup vs Mineral Makeup

Organic Makeup vs Mineral Makeup

Organic Makeup vs Mineral Makeup

Let’s get this straight. Organic makeup IS NOT the same as mineral makeup.

Organic makeup are sourced using plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients that are grown without any herbicides, pesticides and insecticides and made without toxic chemicals such as mineral oils, synthetic dyes, parabens or other chemicals. Organic makeup may also contain natural minerals.

On the other hand, mineral makeup is made from natural minerals from the earth that have been crushed into powders and formulated without harmful substances like preservatives, oil, waxes and talc etc.


Organic vs Mineral Makeup

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So WHICH IS BETTER, mineral or organic makeup?

Skin – Looking at the health and nutritional aspect for your skin, a truly organic makeup product that has proper certification (USDA, or Ecocert) would be the clear winner over any other form of makeup. Organic makeup is not only toxic free, but is rich in vitamins, essential oils and minerals that will nourish your skin.

Sensitivity – Both mineral and organic makeup are terrific for people with acne, rosacea or ezcema and perfect for people with sensitive skin. Stay away from chemical makeup if you are prone to allergies.

Colours – At the moment, there is a greater selection of colours for mineral makeup, but organic makeup is catching up quickly. Organic makeup brands such as Nvery Eco (Australian Company) has become very popular in the US due to its daring and traditional colours and is a hit with Hollywood celebrities. The natural minerals used contains mild natural sun filters to deliver clear, brilliant and long-lasting color.

Coverage – Both mineral and organic makeup will provide great coverage for people with normal skin. If you have troubled skin and looking for complete coverage for your dark blemishes and flaws, then regular chemical makeup will probably do a better job. But the irony is that your troubled skin may actually be caused by the chemical makeup that you are applying. Chemical makeup have a tendency to clog pores and cause acne and allergic breakouts.

Staying power – This really comes down to your brand selection. There are some really terrible organic and mineral brands where the makeup will fade within just a few hours. A good organic or mineral skin care brand such as “Nvey Eco” or “Bare Escentuals” will only need application once daily and will last a good 8 – 10 hours.

Achieving the Glamour you  want.

As with applying any makeup, the ultimate goal is to draw out your best features, enhance your appearance, cover your flaws, and make you look radiant. This is achieved through a combination of good makeup skills and techniques, good makeup tools, and good effective results driven cosmetic products. Every good technician and artist needs the right tools to bring out his best work. A makeup artist is no different.

The products and tools are readily there for you in the market. Use it to your full advantage to make yourself look beautiful. The advancement with organic and mineral skin and makeup technology means that velvety textures, staying power, coverage and colours can now be achieved to create a perfect finish that can be as natural and glamorous as you want.


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