Nvey Eco Continuing Its Award Winning Ways

Nvey Eco Continuing Its Award Winning Ways

Nvey Eco Continuing Its Award Winning Ways

Congratulations Nvey Eco on your continuing eco beauty success. How’s this for a list of prestigious awards won by Nvey Eco in the past 2 years.

* Winner of the Natural Beauty and Health Magazine Beauty Award 2009

* Winner of the Elle’s Green Star Award 2008

* Winner of the Green Beauty Bible Award 2009

* Winner of Shecky’s ‘Beauty at its Best Award’ 2009


Not enough can be said about Nvey Eco’s luxurious Organic makeup range. Normally if you are looking for organic makeup products, the range of choice is often quite limited. Nvey Eco on the other hand doesn’t compromise on selection, performance or color range. It’s turning the organic makeup world around by providing eco makeup lovers with an in-depth range of products, shades and colours to choose from. It is the answer to all your eco-friendly makeup fantasies. From organic foundations to mascaras, lipsticks to eye shadows, the selection is enormous putting Nvey in a class of its own.

Did I mention the certifications?

Nvey Eco is one of only a few fully certified organic makeup brands in the world, having certification from the most reputable authority in Australia, the ‘Australian government Certified’ and the ‘Organic Food Chain’. That means that Nvey Eco is paraben free, soduim laurel sulfate free, GM free (No ingredients are derived from genetically modified crops), cruelty free, talc free and contains no petroleum based ingredients.

My favorite from the range is the eye shadow palette and the organic mascara.

There are 6 eye shadow palettes to choose from. Each eye palette has a great selection of 5 charming colours to play with. Eye palette number 6 works best with me helping to accentuate the beauty of my eyes perfectly.

The staying power of the mascara is something to behold. I’ve tried many natural or organic mascaras and none have the staying power as the Nvey mascara. If applied correctly, it can last for at least half day without smudging. Truly remarkable.

The Nvey Eco range includes:

Cream Foundation
Liquid Foundation
Compact Powder
Lip Lustre / Gloss
Lip Plumper
Lip Treatment
Eye Liner
Eye Shadows
Eye Palettes

With an extensive shade of colours to choose from, I’m sure there will be a product for you. Click here to find browse through Nvey Eco organic makeup range.


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