My Organic Clear Skin Regimen

My Organic Clear Skin Regimen

My Organic Clear Skin Regimen

Rebecca Dent is one of Green Organics’ engaging beauty members and we are very happy to discover that she has found great success with using organic products in her lifestyle. Rebecca wants to share with all of us her beauty secrets and her organic clear skin regimen.

Name – Rebecca Dent
Age – A young 30
Skin Type – Olive Skin
Weight – 62
Height – 165
Occupation – Financial Accountant
Status – Single

Find out below how Rebecca achieves her clear glowing skin


Morning – Very simple routine. I need to be out the door by 7:30am in the morning which means I normally hop out of bed by 6:00am. One and a half hours may seem like ample of time to get ready for some, but for a slow worker like me, I still find it such a rush. So I try to keep my morning ritual as simple as possible. This includes really only 5 things. Shower, Cleanse and moisturize, change into a more professional look, makeup, and breakfast then out the door.

Here’s what I do in the morning
1. Shower with Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger Root Body Wash in the morning for a quick 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes, I don’t use any shower liquid at all and simply just let the lukewarm water hit my body to wake me up.

2. Cleanse my face with Bod Cleansing Milk sometimes in the shower and sometimes under a washing basin. (Don’t know about others, but my skin feels better when cleansed under a washing basin as opposed to cleansing my face in the shower. I think it is maybe because of the water temperature. The water I use in the shower in alot warmer than the water I use if I were to cleanse under a washing basin. Can’t get my head around this one?????)

Protect with Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin and Rose Facial Cream. One to two pumps can cover my entire face. I love this cream because it is so light yet so hydrating for my skin.

3. Transform myself into a professional business women with a smart mix and match of branded and unbranded business gear. My wardrobe comprise clothing items with a price range between $10 – $2000. My 2 favorite items at the moment are my ‘Camilla and Marc Trench Coat’ ($1100) and my Yogoji business Skirt ($45, you’ve never heard of this brand before? Either have I, but this Yogoji Skirt looks and feels like $500)

4. Glamorize myself with Nvey Eco & Suki Colour Makeup. These 2 brands do it for me. They have everything I need in my face painting arsenal. I try to go without makeup most days I go to work or to keep things simple, I just apply mascara and eye liner to accentuate my eyes. I have no choice when I have meetings or have to see clients.

5. Energize myself with a proper healthy organic breakfast. I tried at one stage to have the “Up & Go chocolate breakfast” on the go, but I find that a proper sit down breakfast including organic porridge, toast and freshly squeezed organic orange juice really does the trick to fueling me for the day. It is rush hour in the morning! Finish breakfast, put on my matching Bally shoes and I’m out the door looking smart and full of energy!


Coming home after a hectic day seeing clients and running around the dry air-conditioned office really takes a toll on my skin and body. The following is my evening organic clear skin ritual.

I’ll start with my body. Normally every Sunday, I’ll give my Body a real treat with scrubs oils and creams. I’ll scrub my body with Bod Organic Rice Body Scrub to remove all the dead skin cells, use an exfoliating stone to smooth my feet, then moisturize and heal with Burt’s Bees Foot Creme and hydrate my body with Sukin hydrating body lotion (great price).

My Organic Nightly Clear Skin Ritual

Cleanse with Suki Exfoliate Foaming Facial Cleanser (This is the best cleanser I’ve ever used! I love it because I have sensitive skin but this cleanser doesn’t cause my skin to react in a negative way and it absolutely cleanse deeply into the pores).

Exfoliate with Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant (2 – 3 times a week). This is a very gentle exfoliating buffer and my secret when using this product is not to use any water. So I’ll apply a generous amount of the micro beads on my face and gentle massage. I find that it exfoliates much better without water. I’ll massage for around 1 – 2 minutes and rinse off with water. Soothe with Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner – I think a toner is optional, but it works for me so I’ll keep using it.

Improve with Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Mask (twice a week, normally Sunday and Thursday) – I think a mask is an essential part of any beauty routine. This mask that I use help to purify, detoxify, hydrate and moisturize.

Further Improve with Weleda Iris Intensive Treatment Masque (I do this every Tuesday once a week) – Different mask have different functions. That is why it is good to use a combination of organic natural facial mask to help balance and keep the skin in optimal shape and condition.

Treat with Suki Intensive Brightening Cream with Vit C Glucoside & Natural Collagen – I’m only 30, but I would like people to tell me I look 30 in 10 years time. So I start my anti -aging regimen early. I find that applying any treatment or anti-aging products before going to bed works best. The products will help your skin to regenerate during your sleep. Hey and guess what, people say I look 25 now. (I’m very with these flattering comments).

From Green Organics Team….. Thank you dearly for sharing your organic clear skin care regimen with all of us! For other members that wish to share their success with using organic skin care products, please do not hesitate to send your beauty tips and stories to


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  1. Tiffany

    It’s funny that you said cleaning under washing basin is more effective than cleaning face under shower. My skin feels better cleaning under a washing basin…

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