Indulge with an Organic Coffee Scrub?

Indulge with an Organic Coffee Scrub

Indulge with an Organic Coffee Scrub

You may have come across unique skin care treatments such as chocolate skin creams, seaweed mask, mud treatments, avocado spas, orange dip, strawberry facials, wasabi dextoxifier…etc . But have you ever heard of an organic coffee scrub?

Many Australians wake up every morning relying on the daily cup of coffee to help give them the jump start needed to rev ahead for the long day. Sometimes, the simple aroma of coffee beans is enough to stimulate our awareness to keep us alert and fresh.

That’s where organic coffee skin care comes in. With its antioxidant and stimulating benefits, it is only fitting to include natural organic coffee ingredients in skin care products.


Coffee in skin care caffeine works on the skin as a diuretic, a vaso-constrictor, and an antioxidant. Caffeine seems to help reduce cellulite by dehydrating the cells that cause the lumpiness. The vaso-constricting properties creates a great coffee mask to firm up and tighten skin. Whilst the rich antioxidants help make a great coffee skin cream.

There has been an explosion of coffee-based products that are meant to do everything from reduce the appearance of cellulite to making under eye circles look less noticeable. You may even think about making your own coffee-based skin care products by mixing organic coffee with other ingredients. You may like to start with something simple such as an organic coffee scrub. Give the following organic coffee scrub recipe a try:

•2 cups of organic coffee grounds

•2/3 tablespoon of vanilla extract or oil – giving it a smoother texture.

•1/ 3 tablespoon of Sweet almond oil – Known for its ability to soften, soothe and recondition the skin.

•1/ 2 cup of organic cane sugar – Excellent as a gentle exfoliator.

•A dash of cinnamon

Mix these ingredients together in a bowl and within no time at all, you have your very own organic coffee scrub. Apply the scrub in the shower with your hands or loofah when your body is wet and rub in gentle circular motion. The invigorating coffee aroma will immediately hit your senses giving you an aromatic bliss sensation, whilst the exfoliating effects of the sugar and grounded coffee buffs away all the dead skin cells revealing a fresh smooth layer of skin.

But if you’re like me, and just don’t have the time to cook up a coffee storm, then you may like to try Bella Lucce’s  Bali Kopi Organic Coffee Scrub. This ultra-creamy scrub is studded with organic Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee beans and natural coffee absolute for an intoxicating rich java aroma. Best of all Bella Lucce only use fair trade, organic coffee from Pura Vida. Their products help support their work to fortify coffee farming communities in Costa Rica. Indulge a bit, knowing your purchase is helping improve the world…and those thighs.


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