How to Have Beautiful Legs?

How to Have Beautiful Legs?

How to Have Beautiful Legs?

So you want beautiful sexy legs? I can understand why! Beautiful legs can be a valuable asset for women. A beautiful pair of long shapely legs can be very attractive and quite a turn on for men.

Before I let you in on the secrets of achieving beautiful legs, let me point out that the actual shape of your legs itself cannot be easily changed. However, with the following tips, you will be able to improve muscle tone, reduce leg cellulite and help you achieve the most shapely legs possible for you.


Exercise, exercise and exercise more

Exercising is the most effective and natural way for achieve the beautiful legs that you want. There is really no other way around it. This is your holy grail for sexy shapely legs.

Now this can be as simple as walking instead of taking public transport (if walking distance), climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or taking the dog out for a 20 minute walk every morning. For faster results, you may take on more intense exercise programs such as cycling, jogging, or a sport that involves constant running and jumping such as basketball or tennis. All of these exercises work to tone and shape your legs reducing fat, increasing muscle tone, greater finesse and elasticity.

If you are not an outdoor person, you can try the following indoor home exercise programs.


First of all, any good workout starts with a warm-up. Spend 5 minutes warming up to increase blood flow to the hips and knees.  A brisk walk is all that is required.

This is simple and light exercise to begin with and will make your butt hard and firm. Stand on your feet. Take a big step forward with one leg while the other stays at its original position. Keep your hands on your hips all the time for balance. Lower your body downwards. And then raise it back up with alternating leg motions. 4 – 5 sets with 10 – 20 repetitions each. If you have sore knees, this may not be for you. Try the other exercises instead.

Heel Raise

The heel raise is a great exercise for activating the calf muscles. It’s very simple, make your heels rise upwards slowly and support the entire body by your tiptoes, holding the position and keep your legs straight for five seconds and coming down again. As you progress with this exercise, you increase the strengthening level by standing on a platform with your heels hanging such as stairs or a book. This will allow your calf muscle to work harder.


Quats is one of the most effective exercises for conditioning and improving leg tone and muscle size. It is important to keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, your knees facing forward, turning your feet outward. Lower your body and then raise up again. Do 4 – 5 sets with 10 – 20 repetitions each.

Leg Curls

This exercise focuses on the hamstring and this is a very important routine for keeping your whole leg in proportion and in shape.This is best done with a weights machine. To perform leg curls on the machine, lie face down on the bench and grasps the hand grips. Line your knees up with the rotating cam on the machine and press your ankles against the pads. Keeping the hips pressed against the bench, curl your legs upward, pauses, then lower the legs back down to the starting position.

Healthy Diet

We know that if we eat well, we maintain a healthy and well toned body in general. Proper nutrition with plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains is vital for achieving the sexy legs you want.

Shave and wax those hair off

We are living in the 21st century, not the stone age. So shave or wax those unsightly animal hair off your beautiful legs. No matter how toned your legs are, if it is hairy with is filled with ingrown hair, then it becomes very unattractive. Get rid of the hair on you legs now. Shave, wax, depilatories, sugaring or lasers, so get rid off.

Use skin moisturisers and body lotions to keep those beautiful legs moist and hydrated

Legs tend be dry and scaly especially through the dry winter months. Skin moisturisers and body lotions will make your legs look shinny, healthy and dewy.

Get the right fashion sense for your legs (Find the right skirts and shorts to wear)

Legs come in different shapes and sizes. It is important to utilize your fashion sense to reveal the most attractive part of your legs. Mini skirts may look gorgeous for someone with long thinner legs. But it may not work with you. That’s were a good fashion sense comes in. You can achieve more by being more subtle with your approach. The skirt or shorts you wear does not have to be excessively short as to bare your private parts but one that gives a glimpse of your gorgeous legs creates much more of a tease. After all you want to use your attractive legs to draw attention form the right crowd of men.

Leg Massage

Pamper your legs a little. The stroking, stretching and rubbing from a leg massage with increase blood circulation helping you to maintain the shape and tone of your legs.


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