Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

A face and body mask packaged in a powder format that requires blending with a “mixer” before application has the following advantages:

First – the system offers you 100% natural product without the presence of artificial fragrances or preservatives which can potentially irritate delicate facial skin.
Second – this dry system enables you to use one product for virtually any skin type. The key is in the “mixer”: such as milk, water or yogurt, honey, olive, cream – this material is targeted to your skin type, which means you can have just one product, yet still achieve incredible versatility. This makes the face mask in powdered form extremely flexible.
Finally – it is so reassurring mixing up your own mask tailored specifically to your personal needs. The application of a fresh, customizable mask is a memorable and very effective experience.

have you tried using a face mask in powder form Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

Powder Face Mask

organic skin care products Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

The best way to tailor each mask is by choosing an appropriate “mixer” targeted to your skin type.

To blend a mask, just mix the prescribed amount of powder with the appropriate proportion of your mixer in a clean bowl. The process of blending a masque takes 30-45 seconds in total. You can select the appropriate mixers according to skin type…choosing a compatible mixer boosts each mask’s efficacy:

Combination & Sensitive: milk, water or yogurt (extremely gentle)
Mature: honey (gentle skin conditioner) or carrot juice (added beta-carotene)
Oily:: milk, water, tomato or citrus juices (act as astringents)
Dry: olive or sunflower oils, heavy cream (wonderful moisturizers)

This powder mask system is radically different- not just in their composition, but in their presentation as well. For a intensive selection of powder face and body mask, try the following Bella Lucce powder mask.

Bella Lucce Ginger-Wasabi Mask
Designed to deeply detoxify delicate facial tissue as it enriches the skin with potent antioxidants and gentle skin conditioners, this innovative powdered masque was inspired by ancient Asian beauty secrets. Crushed freshwater pearls brighten skin as activated charcoal deep-cleans pores and pure ginger stimulates circulation. A powerful purifying mask that will cleanse and brighten your skin.

bellalucceAI8DGWmed Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

Bella Lucce Chocolate Mask

Bella Lucce Chocolate Renewing Mask
The lactic acid and vitamins in coconut milk combine with pure cocoa powder to create a 100% natural masque for the face, feet and everything in between. Mix it up, paint it on and watch your worries melt!

bellalucceP4CLMmed Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

Bella Lucce Chocolate Mask

Bella Lucce Sea Kelp & Green Tea Mask
This innovative dry mask combines Moroccan Rhassoul Clay with a nourishing botanical blend that includes sea kelp and green tea extract. Brimming with natural antioxidants and potent polyphenols, this remarkable treatment removes toxins and impurities and refines skin texture as it tones and replenishes minerals essential to healthy skin.

bellalucceF2SKMmed Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

Bella Lucce Sea Kelp & Green Tea Mask

BBella Lucce Mediterranean Wine & Honey Mask
scape to the rolling hills of the Mediterranean as you paint yourself from head-to-toe in this delectable body masque. This luxe spa treatment boasts an arsenal of potent age-fighters, including polyphenols, resveratrol and natural vitamins. Fortify your skin’s natural defenses as gentle clays draw toxins from deep within your tissue and golden olive oil locks in moisture.

bellalucceTWMHMmed Have You Tried Using a Face Mask In Powder Form?

Bella Lucce Mediterranean Wine & Honey Mask


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  1. Sally

    The wasabi mask and chocolate mask looks interesting. I think using a mixer allows more control in developing the best consistency for the skin type.

    Still haven’t tried it, will give it ago with my next pay packet.


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