Get a Beautiful Sun Kissed Glow with Bronzing Powder

Get a Beautiful Sun Kissed Glow with Bronzing Powder

Get a Beautiful Sun Kissed Glow with Bronzing Powder

By Sophie Lee

A Bronzer if selected and used correctly will make your skin look sun-kissed and alive, giving your skin a healthy glow without subjecting it to damaging ultraviolet rays. What you don’t want is to have the bronzer making your skin look orange and lifeless. Here is a few tips to help you to avoid that fake orangy look.


To warm your face for a lightly toasted look and to accentuate your bone structure, simply dust bronzing powder or cream bronzer along the outer edges of your face and onto your cheekbones. Bronzer is also useful for lightly sculpting the nose and chin.

Always apply your bronzer beginning at the back of your cheekbone and sweep it forward. Then go back and brush in the opposite direction to blend. If you are using a cream bronzer, simply dot the colour along your cheekbone and blend. Don’t forget a little at the temples to help shape your face. Sweeping the bronzing powder up around the temples and eye sockets can also really shape your eye colour pop, especially if your eyes are green or blue. For a sun-kissed sheen, dab a small bit of bronzer powder on your forehead, chin and nose.

If bronzing powders and creams look too bold on you, try using pressed powder instead. It has a lower pigment level and blends very nicely. If you have lighter skin, an ebony pressed powder will work beautifully as a bronzer. Bronzers are perfect for an all year-round sun-kissed radiance.

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