Foot Care – Time to Give My Feet Some Pampering

Foot Care - Time to Give My Feet Some Pampering

Foot Care – Time to Give My Feet Some Pampering

Am I forgetting something. What is it? Ahhhhh yes, MY FEET, my wonderful hardworking feet. My unsung heros.

They take the most beating from the every day hustle and bustle, yet they are the most neglected. I think I need to devote some of my time and energy to show my feet just how much I care and give it the pampering it deserves.

I’m going to give my feet a ultimate spa makeover. Give it the foot care it is longing for.


Lets firstly trim those toenails.

Wow, I never realized how out of shape my toenails were. A good nail clipper and and toenail filer will fix that. Easy job.

Next is not so easy. Getting rid of those thick calluses is going to require some work.

To make the job easier, I’m going to start relaxing my feet by soaking them in a tub warm water along with a scoop of my favorite Bella Lucce Cooling Peppermint Foot Soak to re-energize my tired feet. The peppermint essential oil delivers a brisk cooling sensation to relax tired feet as moisturising oils softens the skin and Hawaiian sea salt works to reduce swelling and increase circulation.

Now that your skin is soft and moist and the calluses are weak, it is time to buff them away with a good Pomice Stone. Keep buffing until you notice fresh skin appearing. Concentrate on the heels where most calluses are formed.

Polish to Perfection

The Pomice Stone will help to remove the thinker layers of dead skin. For the resistant finer dead skin cells that won’t budge, I’m going to use a Foot Polishing Cream to exfoliate and polish my feet to utter perfection.

Toenail Cuticles

Let’s not forget the toenail cuticles. While the skin is still soft and moist, use a toenail filer to scrub away the dead skin around cuticles. Finish the cuticles with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream for ultimate healing and protection.

Time to Moisturize and hydrate

When all the dead skin and calluses are removed and the nails and cuticles are looking fine, it is time to bring the moisture and radiant glow back. I’m going to use a hydrating foot cream to feed my feet the nutrients, restore the suppleness and lock in the moisture.

From now on, I’m going to stop abusing my feet

I’m going to find shoes that actually fit well and is comfortable to wear. Well maybe if I have a special date, I’m going to give my feet some stress with some beautiful high heels and pointy toes. I’m sure my feet won’t mind.

Did you know that the average person walks approximately four times around the world in their lifetime? Imagine that in high heels!


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