Falling in Love is The Best Anti-aging Ingredient

Falling in Love is The Best Anti-aging Ingredient

Falling in Love is The Best Anti-aging Ingredient

>Now, I’m not talking about the love you share with your father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives or friends. When I’m talking about this special anti-aging love ingredient, I’m referring specifically to the love you share with your intimate partner, or the passion you have about something in your life.

For the ladies, it’s probably much easier to relate to this “falling in love” phenomenon with your man and for the guys, it may be easier to relate “falling in love” with a passion you have for your hobbies or your favorite sport. This may help put things into perspective.


For some “falling in love” may be a rare occurrence. For others, they may fall in love multiple times throughout their lives.

When you are in love, you feel alive and energized. You’ll find a boost in your self-esteem with a power shot is given to your immune system. Falling in love causes energy to flow in your life and help you to remain youthful deep down nourishing your heart and soul. The anticipation and excitement we receive from being immersed within this ‘love’ feeling triggers all sorts of wonderful magical chemical reactions within our bodies to keep our bodies and skin young and youthful. For those that have been in love with someone. Ever noticed your skin just glows for no apparent reason. No herbal remedies or drug can give you the same radiance than when you are in love. Free yourself with this feeling and let it guide you to experience the depth in your daily life.

However nothing is ever one sided. With every magical ingredient, there is always a side effect. Falling in love is an extremely powerful feeling that can become so intense that anxiety, jealousy, anger, resentment, hostility or bitterness may set in causing the energy to work negatively against you. Don’t take “falling in love” with someone or something for granted. Find the balance to permit yourself to feel deep joy and contentment to control this beast of an energy force.

Embrace your lover and let him/her feed your soul with the life energy that embodies the characteristics of youthfulness, that is so very important in the mindset needed to help combat premature aging.

Is this topic getting a little bit too deep? Well don’t let it be. Simply work up the courage to express freely your true feelings to the person you love.

Let the other person know how you feel. Love with no regrets. Love is simple. As simple as saying “I Love You”.


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