Don’t Forget Your Neck When You Moisturise

dont forget your neck when you moisturise Dont Forget Your Neck When You Moisturise

Don’t Forget Your Neck When You Moisturise

Forgetting something? Your neck is crying out for your love and care.

We pay so much attention to our face, slapping on countless beautifying products day and night. But our neck gets the same harsh weather beating as the face. Unless you where a scarf everyday, the harmful UV rays and the cold drying wind will find a way to hit our neck area of skin making it age faster.


The neck tissue (like the eye tissue) is more delicate and is often an area that shows the early signs of aging. The envelope of neck skin is smoother, thinner and more translucent than over much of the body.

This means without the proper skin treatment, you are left with premature neck wrinkles, unwanted neck pigmentation and saggy neck skin by your late 30s and early 40s.

Like the skin on your face, your hands, your arms and legs, there is always a way to slow the aging process. Here are some important tips that will help you maintain a smooth radiant neck…. even when you are 50!

1. Don’t forget to moisturise your neck. It will take an extra 10 seconds in your beauty routine, yet it will take 5 – 10 years off your age. The neck around your skin is just as delicate as your face. So make sure that when you are cleansing, toning and moisturising, to take that extra 10 seconds to include the neck. It is definitely something worth doing.

2. Collagen loss is often attributed to the sagging skin condition found on the neck. Facial exercises will assist in bringing the firmness back to your jaw-line thus lifting the loose skin under your neck. Yoga is excellent in for exercising the neck area.

3. Make sure in your daily sun protection regime to apply sunscreen to the neck area for sun protection.

3. Stop spraying fragrance onto the neck area, it can lead to the increase in pigmentation.

4. Investing in a good pillow can prevent sleep lines between the breasts and along side of the face.

5. Poor posture will also aggravate the pouching under the chin. Keeping those shoulders back and your chin up can help you avoid flabby neck muscles or a double chin.

Show some love and care for your beautiful neck…… because if you don’t no one else will.


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