Do You Want to Become an Eco Chic?

Do You Want to Become an Eco Chic?

Do You Want to Become an Eco Chic?

You may be asking… What is an ‘Eco Chic‘? To become an Eco Chic it would wise to know what you are becoming first.

To put it simply, an eco chic has the taste to LOOK FASHIONABLE (Chic), whilst being GREEN (Eco).

An Eco Chic Cares for the environment

These are not the hardcore tree huggers wearing leaves around their bodies and chaining themselves to trees to get attention to save the planet. Far from it. These are hip individuals who have an urge and calling for helping the environment but want to look beautiful, pretty and handsome whilst doing it. They don’t have a problem wearing leaves around their bodies, but it better look good.


An Eco Chic need to be vain, stylish and hip

Becoming an eco chic is about contributing to the social status of the fashion world as it is about the environment……. So vanity is a big part of being an eco chic.  The Green Eco fashion and trends are often about personal validation, acceptance and self-esteem rather than practicality or economy.

An Eco Chic need to be trend-setting being up to date with the latest celebrity trends

An eco chic commitments will go beyond clothing. It will include shoes, bags, hats, scarfs, skin care, makeup, bedding, furniture and fabrics. Going green has become the latest celebrity trend too; it is often seen endorsed by, celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Miranda Kerr etc.

So is there a sense of shallowness with eco chic brands?

For the hardcore eco folks out there, the eco chic brands is often perceived as shallow and connected with money and fame as their ultimate motive. And I’ll be the first to agree that their are some eco chic brands in the market that simply wants to ride this eco chic bandwagon just be make an extra buck. But looking on the positive side, the stylish eco brands appeals to a larger audience and in particular those which are fashion sensitive.

So is Eco Chic just a trend that pass?

All fashion is a trend and passes through time. But the eco chic fundamentals will never change. As long as designers are coming up with new hip ideas for style using the eco mentality as a base foundation, then the green side of things will always live on whilst the fashion side of things will continue to evolve to serve the trend setting purpose.

Going Eco and looking good…. NOW I’VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION!

It’s no wonder many choose to be an ECO CHIC rather than a TREE HUGGER


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