Do You Believe the Lunar Cycle Can Effect Our Skin?

Do You Believe the Lunar Cycle Can Effect Our Skin?

Do You Believe the Lunar Cycle Can Effect Our Skin?

Written by Tiffany Greensdale

We’ve all heard of stories of mood swings, uncontrollable desires and crazy things happening during various phases of the moon cycle. But have you ever heard of the moon having a direct effect on the beauty of our skin? Let me throw a couple of examples at you and see if you agree with me….

Do you agree that sometimes when you  get a bikini wax, you are in complete agony and yet at other times it is almost pain-free? Or what about occasionally when you have a non- PMS linked food craving? In fact, just as bio-dynamic gardening recognizes the impact of the moon’s phases on growing cycles, so the moon effects our body’s natural cycles, too. Don’t believe me…… Keep a lunar calendar on your desk and start to observe the link for yourself.

For those of you that want to test the phenomenon, here are a few things you can try.


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– The waxing moon is a time of regenerating and absorbing. Everything applied to the skin in the 12days of the waxing moon has a much greater effect, so it’s the best time for oil massages, nourishing treatments, and masks

– At full moon, skin seems to be most absorbent, so facial oils, herb compresses, or oil baths have an optimum effect. If you have only a little time each month for a pampering blitz, make it now,

– A waning moon is a good time to start a diet, or an anti-cellulite program, especially skin-brushing

– The new moon is when purification and detoxifying are most effective. It’s great time for a juice or tea fast.

– The best time for hair waxing or for getting your teeth fixed, is at new moon or under a waning moon, when you’ll experience the least pain. The opposite is true at full moon.

– If you’re going to grow your own herbs in the garden or a window box for making masks or for aromatherapy treatments, the best time to pick them is full moon.

By using the Moon’s cycle as feminine blueprint you can discover more about yourself. In this way you can use the Lunation cycle spiritually, emotionally and physically as a model for growth and skin beauty.

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  1. Sarah

    Ummm…good article but it’s word for word from the book Organic Beauty by Josephine Fairly. That’s called plagarism.


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