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Find reviews and information on the latest trends and advancements in organic natural skin care products. Find out what products work and what doesn’t as we target various natural organic brands.


introducing wotnot organic skin care products INTRODUCING WOTNOT ORGANIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS

Introducing Wotnot Organic Skin Care Products

Proudly Australian, the WOTNOT range are premium products using ingredients that are chosen for their abilities to benefit the skin by combining natural and certified organic ingredients, to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe.

This gem of a brand has slowly become a celebrity cult brand with followers including:
- Tracey Spicer (Sky News presenter)
- Jodie Meares (fashion designer and t.v presenter).
- Erika Heynatz (singer, model and t.v presenter).



homemade organic shaving creams HOMEMADE ORGANIC SHAVING CREAMS

Homemade Organic Shaving Creams

Many supermarket shaving creams are simply a collection of water, chemicals, and hydrogenated vegetable-based fat.

Organic shaving creams on the other hand is created from natural substances that are grown, processed, and packaged without the use of agricultural chemicals, artificial colors or flavors, genetic modification, irradiation, or other synthetic ingredients. Plus, it is safe for the earth because it is made only from biodegradable, natural substances and plant extracts.

It’s also great for those with sensitive skin. Unlike chemical-based products, organic shaving creams don’t contain harmful toxins that produce allergic reactions.



trilogy hydrating mist toner awarded best facial refresher TRILOGY HYDRATING LIST TONER AWARDED BEST FACIAL REFRESHER

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner Awarded Best Facial Refresher

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner has been named Best Facial Refresher in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2011 Beauty Awards.

In total, the industry expert panel and celebrity judged 325 products, across 83 categories.

This included 16 products which were granted the ‘Readers’ Kiss Of Approval’ award by Cosmopolitan’s 1.5 million readers who voted for their favorite products via the magazine and online.



the burts bees natural standard THE BURTS BEES NATURAL STANDARD

The Burts Bees Natural Standard

Burts Bees has worked for 25 years worldwide to educate consumers about the issues around claims made about ‘natural’ products.

Burt’s Bees Australia General Manager Emma Atkinson is keen to see more people talking about ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ personal care products. Recent interest in accurate labelling on the part of the ACCC, and the growing body of research about the potential harmful effects of ingredients such as phthalates, parabens and triclosan mean consumers are more aware than ever before.

“It’s about honesty about what we use and clarity about what we mean,” Ms Atkinson said.


Gisele Bundchen’s Sejaa Skin Care Has Hit the Australian Shores

gisele bundchens sejaa skin care has hit the australian shores Gisele Bundchens Sejaa Skin Care Has Hit the Australian Shores

Gisele Bundchen’s Sejaa Skin Care Has Hit the Australian Shores

The long awaited Brazilian Beauty Brand Sejaa has finally hit the Australian shores.

Developed by super model, actress, UN ambassador and environmental activist Gisele Bundchen, Sejaa is the result of many years of passionate development.

Driven by the desire to develop a line of pure and natural skincare, Gisele also wanted to create products with as little impact on the environment as possible. Using all-natural ingredients, calming fragrances, thoughtful packaging and recycled paper, Sejaa Pure Skincare was born.

The result? A revolutionary skincare line that protects and supports your skin’s natural radiance, while also protecting the health and beauty of our environment.


The Extraordinary Healing Effects of Badger Balm

the extraordinary healing effects of badger balm The Extraordinary Healing Effects of Badger Balm

The Extraordinary Healing Effects of Badger Balm

Badger is an organic healing line. What does this mean?

It means healing as in fresh air, sunlight, a cooling breeze, and the kind thoughts of a good friend. According to Badger, those are simple ways of restoring balance. And that’s the way Badger products work.

Their mission is to create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to soothe and heal.


Highly Effective Organic Brand – Kimberly Sayer

highly effective organic brand kimberly sayer Highly Effective Organic Brand   Kimberly Sayer

Highly Effective Organic Brand – Kimberly Sayer

Where have you been hiding all this time??? Tucked away is this little gem of a brand ‘Kimberly Sayer’ skin care. 

Kimberly Sayer of London products are composed of the finest, steam-distilled organic ingredients such as soy, sea algae and rare Ugandan shea butter, along with pure essential oils, powerful antioxidants and potent vegetable proteins.

Her formulations are carefully blended following the traditions of the ancient Apothecarists, and all the products contain 95-100% organic ingredients grown on organic soil including soy and rare Ugandan shea butter.

The brand has their very own patented ‘plant pseudo-collagen’ formulations which is the secret behind the effectiveness of their anti-aging range.


A Closer Look at Burts Bees

a closer look at burts bees A Closer Look at Burts Bees

A Closer Look at Burts Bees

The Greater Good is Burt’s Bees business model and it provides meaning to understand and guide the vision of the company’s ecology and culture. The model formalises the bond between the business, the natural environment and the communities.

Burts Bees products carry the NPA certified natural seal because they are committed to using the highest level of natural ingredients during the formulation of their products.

Burts Bees commitment to social responsibility revolves around well-being. Burts Bees believe that we must respect and care for all living creatures and be a positive force within our community. Remain committed to never testing on animals. The community initiatives supported by Burts Bees includes:

Habitat for Humanity Australia –
Orana –
Liptember –

Most of Burts Bees packaging is created from recycled materials, or is developed with recyclability and re-use in mind. Their vision is to operate on 100% renewable energy. They don’t want to create any additional garbage on the planet and work hard to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Lets have a look at the Burts Bees Product range.


Sukin Voted #1 Moisturiser under $10 on A Current Affair Show

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad according to top beauty experts.

With the help of a team of skin care analyst, ‘ACA’ road tested the big-name supermarket moisturising creams that cost less than $10, to determine if they are actually worth buying. Taking the crown was the Sukin brand which was an overwhelming favorite amongst the beauty pannel.

The story ‘Best Budget Moisturiser’ was covered by the A Current Affairs Show which aired on the 7/7/2011.



trilogy age proof coq10 eye recovery concentrate TRILOGY AGE PROOF CoQ10 EYE RECOVERY CONCENTRATE

Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate

The Co-enzyme Q10 based eye concentrate can simply be applied by roller-ball and is Trilogy’s latest weapon in the battle against wrinkles .

A small but mighty eye serum to keep on hand at all times. The formulation contains a very generous amount of Co-enzyme Q10, and packed with a powerful cocktail of botanicals to help revitalise and protect against aging.