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natural remedies for yeast infection NATURAL REMEDIES FOR YEAST INFECTION

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection

So you may have a vaginal yeast infection. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Vaginal yeast infections is a common occurrence. It’s caused by the build up of a fungus called Candida Albicans, which is normally found in small amounts in the vagina. The acidic environment in the vagina prevents yeast from growing. If the acidity of the vagina decreases, then too many yeast grow, causing vaginal infection.

The acidity of the vagina can be changed due to menstruation period, pregnancy, intake of antibiotics, steroids, diabetes, personal hygiene or birth control pills.



the push for phthalate free products THE PUSH FOR PHTHALATE FREE PRODUCTS

The Push for Phthalate Free Products

In 2010 a proposed ban for a period of 18 months on products that contain more than 1% of the chemical diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) was announced by the Australian Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs (ACCC).

The proposal was triggered by long established scientific research suggesting that exposure to phthalates may lead to reproductive difficulties and a recent study showing that metabolites of these compounds can be detected in the urine of children exposed to shampoos, powders, children’s toys and baby chewables.


The Choice Between White or Brown Bread

the choice between white or brown bread The Choice Between White or Brown Bread

The Choice Between White or Brown Bread

Retail sales for white bread have dropped across the country in the past year by approximately 1 percent.

This fall in consumption of refined white bread has been triggered by reports in the media and articles in newspaper and magazines suggesting that consuming high-fibre wholemeal bread is a much healthier option.

Nowadays, customers walking through the bread section of a supermarket will see them grabbing a loaf of brown or seeded wholemeal bread in replacement of the white loaf. Customers are becoming more concerned with their health and the trend is to eat healthy and develop a healthier diet.


Does Investing In Beauty Yield Good or Bad Returns?

does investing in beauty yield good or bad returns Does Investing In Beauty Yield Good or Bad Returns?

Does Investing In Beauty Yield Good or Bad Returns?

Properties, stocks, antiques and collectables are all great investment vehicles for yielding good financial returns.

Similarly, investing in your beauty can yield returns which can lead to so many benefits to your life.

The reality is, we live in a superficial society. We put so much significance to physical beauty and it permeates our culture. Humans respond favorably to pretty and beautiful things.

This society-bias unfairly shapes our opinions of people we barely know, and unfairly discriminates those which are unattractive (especially girls).

You can say  ”it’s what’s inside that counts”. TRUE, Looks can only go so far in life, and a killer personality and a clever mind is mighty attractive.

But on the flip side, ” would most guys  go up to girls thinking, man, I’ll bet she has good morals and a great personality.”

Beauty isn’t everything, but it helps with getting you further in life, and makes the path a little bit smoother.


Join this Year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2011

join this years rspca million paws walk 2011 Join this Years RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2011

Join this Year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2011

Meet Bobby, the Green Organics pet dog.

Bobby was a homeless dog that came knocking on our door on a cold rainy afternoon in year 2000. Drenched in water, Bobby was invited into our home for a warm bath and some tasty food.

He was then taken to the nearest RSPCA shelter for his owner to come claim him.

A week passed by but there was still no response. Time was ticking! Bobby needed a new home, or he was going to be put down.

We decided to invite this little treasure into our Green Organics family. Bobby is now one of the longest serving members of the Green Organics team and will be celebrating his 11th birthday on the 5th of May this year. He has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.

RSPCA has done tremendous work for neglected animals. Support to raise funds for the RSPCA by participating in this years Million Paws Walk. Register today at


Breast Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence

breast cancer is not a death sentence Breast Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence

Breast Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and cancer related deaths among females in Australia. 

Breast cancer generally affects women after the age of 40 with 1  in 11 women being diagnosed before the age of 75. Research and medical intervention have come along way and survival rates are better than ever before. 

With the advances in today’s medical world, breast cancer is no longer a death sentence. Successful treatment is quite high, but early diagnosis is necessary.

Early diagnosis has been a big key at stabilising the mortality rates. Current advice is that women should ‘get to know their breasts’ and find out what’s ‘normal’ for them, rather than checking breasts in a regimented and prescriptive fashion.


Mother’s Day Fun Run 2011

mothers day fun run 2011 Mothers Day Fun Run 2011

Mothers Day Fun Run 2011

Calling all those who would like to participate in this year’s Mother’s Day Classic fun run and walk to raise funds for breast cancer research

Date: May 8th 2011

The Mother’s Day Classic fun run has been an ongoing event for more than a decade and it’s an annual event to provide communities with a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and support breast cancer research.

It’s a key fundraising events for the year, if you are interested in participating or if you just want to volunteer your time to help out on the day, simply register at


Kill The Nasty Flu Virus With a Hot Drink

kill the nasty flu virus with a hot drink Kill The Nasty Flu Virus With a Hot Drink

Kill The Nasty Flu Virus With a Hot Drink

Winter is fast approaching. This means the flu virus is on its way.

The problem with the flu virus is that it’s highly contagious and travels long and far. A powerful sneeze can cause the virus to travel 30 metres across the  room.

When we cough or sneeze, microscopic droplets of water and the virus enter the air. Dry, cold conditions in winter or an air conditioned office dry out the droplets, helping the virus linger in the air. The dry air also dries out nasal passages, which helps the virus stick.

That’s scary. If you are stuck in the office with just one of these flu ridden carriers, you could become easily infected if your immune system is not at full force.


Blueberries – The Natural Weight Loss Pill

blueberries the natural weight loss pill Blueberries   The Natural Weight Loss Pill

Blueberries – The Natural Weight Loss Pill

I’ve heard of the potent antioxidant effects of blueberries, but research have discovered that the fruit can also be a powerful weapon in the fight against obesity.

This is really promising news for those who want to shed a few pounds.

Test revealed by the the American Society for Nutrition’s Experimental Biology shows that the high levels of polyphenols contained in blueberries can actually break down existing fat cells in the body by up to 70%.


Japanese Secrets to Live Longer

japanese secrets to live longer Japanese Secrets to Live Longer

Japanese Secrets to Live Longer

Putting the latest Japan earthquake and tsunami aside, Japanese people still have the longest life expectancy in the world. The life expectancy for Japanese men is 78 years old and the life expectancy  for Japanese woman is 85 on average.

These statistics are quite reassuring to know, especially if you live in Japan.

So how do they do it? Do they have a fountain of youth hidden in some mysterious location? What secrets are the Japanese hiding from the rest of the world?

Well, a big secret is in their diet and their lifestyle!